Having a Celebrity* at your event is an exceptional idea, this will elevate the status of your event exceedingly, but it is expensive & requires a lot of planning and patience, however the benefits are unparalleled. 

There is a huge difference between booking a Celebrity and a professional Entertainer. Working with a professional entertainer assumes certain levels of flexibility from the performer’s side, however a Celebrity is bound by contractual agreements only. Celebrity Booking requires a lot of time and patience as we are working with world famous VIPs, different timezones and extremely busy schedules. 

To start your Celebrity booking journey you would need to prepare a detailed brief of your event including but not limited to:
  • Budget
  • Celebrity name wishlist 
  • Event Type** - Private/Public, Ticketed, etc
  • Event Date
  • Number of attendees
  • Location
  • Type of Celebrity engagement.

* The term Celebrity references to the fame and wide public recognition of an individual or a group which has resulted from the attention given to them by the mass media. 
** Please note that BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive does not negotiate requests for free appearances or donations of time.

Questions to ask yourself before embarking on a celebrity booking journey

  • Are you absolutely sure you need a Celebrity Appearance for your event?
  • Do you have a budget of minimum 150,000 USD?
  • Are you prepared to pay the full fee upfront?
  • Do you have all the necessary details of your event at hand i.e. Celebrity wishlist, Event type, date and location?

Why choose Breakthrough Xclusive

  • BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive will direct it's vast experience to negotiate the best rates for our clients.
  • BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive will assist you to find the Celebrity best suited for your budget.
  • BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive will guide you through the entire Celebrity Booking process from A to Z to give you total peace of mind.
  • BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive can take care of the entire hospitality and logistics arrangements (First class flights, 5 star hotel bookings, Limousine services, Private catering, etc) from start to end.
  • BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive can also support you with creative ideas for your Celebrity booking engagement
  • Once the contract is signed BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive will assign you a Project Manager who will make sure your contractual requirements are completely fulfilled. 
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