Inclusivity in Entertainment Booking
Inclusivity in Entertainment Booking
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Inclusivity has become an increasingly important topic in recent years for all the industries. Entertainment is not an exception, even though this industry is unique because it’s the one that we look at to glean some sense of joy and hope for a variety of communities. The pure nature of entertainment is to keep people engaged during times that are troubling. Entertainment sets out to make people laugh, even when the world throws things at us that are hard to digest.  

So, what does inclusivity in entertainment involve?


Entertainment booking nowadays aims to showcase a more diverse and representative landscape of talent. Embracing diversity starts with the team. A diverse team — one comprised of individuals from contrasting backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and perspectives — ensures that a wide range of ideas are included in the planning process.

Speakers and performers are the face of the event, so it makes sense to collaborate with individuals of diverse backgrounds, because the push for inclusivity has been a driving force in reshaping the way talent is booked and represented across all platforms. Varied voices bring unique insights and experiences to your event, something that helps to enrich its content and messaging. 

The call for inclusivity in entertainment booking goes beyond just booking a diverse range of talent: it encompasses a broader commitment to promoting representation and giving voice to underrepresented communities. This shift is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic move to appeal to a wider audience and reflect the society at large. This can involve actively seeking out talent from people of color, individuals with disabilities, and other marginalized groups. By doing so, entertainment booking agencies can help break down barriers and create a more inclusive industry that reflects the true diversity of our world.

Entertainment and Activities

A wide range of entertainment and activities that appeal to an equally diverse range of interests should be incorporated for events. From cultural performances to interactive workshops, a varied entertainment program ensures that attendees can engage in experiences that resonate with them on a personal level.

Equal Pay 

Inclusivity in entertainment booking also extends to ensuring equal pay and opportunities for all talent, regardless of their background or identity. This means addressing issues of wage gaps, discriminatory practices, and unequal access to opportunities that may hinder the advancement of underprivileged groups in the industry. By advocating for fair treatment and representation, entertainment booking agencies can play a crucial role in fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment for all talent.

Inclusive Spaces and Environment 

Entertainment booking agencies tend to select venues that are accessible to everyone: locations with ramps and lifts as well as with accessible toilets and seating areas. It’s not just about compliance, but about creating a welcoming space for all attendees. 

Inclusivity also involves creating safe spaces for all individuals involved. This includes taking measures to prevent discrimination, harassment, and exploitation, as well as promoting a culture of respect, acceptance, and support for all members of the entertainment community. Implementation a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and offensive behaviour, training for teams on how to handle sensitive situations with empathy and professionalism: all this helps to achieve the goal.

Language and communication should also be taken care of. It is important to be mindful of cultural sensitivities, to use accessible materials and media — such as providing information in different languages or in alternative formats — to ensure that an event is accessible to everyone.

As food is an integral part of every event, those companies for which inclusivity matters, bear in mind diverse dietary preferences and take care to offer vegan, halal, kosher, and gluten-free menus as well as options for people with food allergies.


Many companies from the entertainment industry have developed DEI policies for their events. Such policies are supposed to be clear and cohesive, and once they are finalized and signed, they should be shared with the team, vendors, and attendees in order to set expectations and create a positive atmosphere. 

Embracing inclusivity in entertainment booking can lead to a more dynamic and vibrant industry that is able to innovate and evolve by drawing on a wide range of perspectives and experiences. By bringing together talent from diverse backgrounds, entertainment booking agencies can help foster creativity, authenticity, and originality in their offerings, ultimately enriching the entertainment landscape for audiences worldwide.


Inclusivity in entertainment booking is not just a trend or buzzword. It is a fundamental value that is essential for creating a more representative and equitable industry. By embracing diversity, promoting representation, and creating inclusive spaces, entertainment booking agencies can help drive positive change and contribute to a more vibrant entertainment ecosystem for all. Let us all work together to ensure that inclusivity remains at the forefront of our efforts in entertainment booking, empowering talent from all backgrounds to shine and thrive in the spotlight.