About Us
BREAKTHROUGH is not just a company - It's a passionate endeavor dedicated to being the light of the world (Matt 5:14). Our shared vision and purpose drive us to create a beautiful new world by touching people's hearts. We believe in inspiring a team of the world's best co-creators, empowering them to go beyond the norms and leave a legacy that lasts for eternity. Respect and honesty are the building blocks of our everyday communication, and transparency is key in our relationships with co-creators. We understand that no detail is too small and that every talent plays a significant role in our creation. We are the Dream World's Architects, and our partners become part of our co-creation.

Come, be a part of BREAKTHROUGH and experience the magic of entertainment like never before.

Partnering with us gives you exclusive access to our network of world’s best creators and gives you a chance to become one. Enjoy the world premier rights for your bespoke production - we’ll ensure it'll be a unique creative experience the world has not yet seen, filled with the presence of world's best talents, celebrities, and unique decorations, leaving a life- long positive impression on your guests.

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meet our professionals
Dream World Architects
We believe that every single person from stage cleaner to client’s top management is our co-creator and is responsible for touching peoples hearts. Once you partner with us, you become one of us - a co-creator.
Fabian J Martin
Creative Genius
Fabian is a mix of Melody and Mayhem, a super power if you will. He’s the president of his own country so don’t bother trying to get him to follow your rules - it’s not going to work. His mission is to shine the light into dark places especially those illuminated by false light and get mankind to see themselves for who they really are - Vessels of divine light. As the world is going down we’re rising up!
Elena Solina
Money Queen
When Elena speaks, beautiful new worlds are created. Her inner light is like a hurricane of positive force aimed to shatter any barrier which may arise on her way. She was born with a deep rooted longing for Truth & Justice which drives her never ending desire to make the world a better place. Her identity is forged in her relationship with the Creator and that’s what makes everything she touches prosper.
Liudmila Genova
Dream World’s Chief Architect
Liudmila is a curious dreamer. Whilst reaching out to beauty, the sublime and harmony, she gets inspired by people, music and nature. Her never ending attraction to extraordinary challenges and risk leads to complete dedication to her work and continuous strive for impressive results. Believes in miracles!
Anna Zholobova
Partners Co-creation Executive
Since childhood Anna knew that her calling and mission on earth is touching people's hearts through art. Throughout her way she was a dancer and an actress with the big passion inside to show that art cures, learns and enlightens people. Now she ardently spreads this idea among countries reaching hearts and souls of hundreds of people. She is not painting pictures, she is painting reality.
Yulia Sikorskaya
Dance Shows Architect
Yulia is a professional choreographer who embodies Life through her dance ideas and show productions where everyone is left with no chance but to join her feast. From the East to the West, there is no mountain too high for Yulia, everything is possible with her ceaseless fountain of creativity and production styles. Her goal is to reach the hearts of the audience through the choreography and acting skills of her troupe, and she never fails - you will come out changed.