About Us
BREAKTHROUGH is not just a company - It's a passionate endeavor dedicated to being the light of the world (Matt 5:14). Our shared vision and purpose drive us to create a beautiful new world by touching people's hearts. We believe in inspiring a team of the world's best co-creators, empowering them to go beyond the norms and leave a legacy that lasts for eternity. Respect and honesty are the building blocks of our everyday communication, and transparency is key in our relationships with co-creators. We understand that no detail is too small and that every talent plays a significant role in our creation. We are the Dream World's Architects, and our partners become part of our co-creation.

Come, be a part of BREAKTHROUGH and experience the magic of entertainment like never before.

Partnering with us gives you exclusive access to our network of world’s best creators and gives you a chance to become one. Enjoy the world premier rights for your bespoke production - we’ll ensure it'll be a unique creative experience the world has not yet seen, filled with the presence of world's best talents, celebrities, and unique decorations, leaving a life- long positive impression on your guests.
Why choose BREAKTHROUGH? Nothing speaks better than a returning client. With over 10 years under the same brand name, 95% of our partners keep on returning back for more.

Are you ready to create a Beautiful New World? Contact us today at booking@breakthroughdxb.com

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Fabian J Martin
Creative Genius
Elena Solina
Money Queen
Anna Zholobova
Partners Co-creation Executive
Yulia Sikorskaya
Dance Shows Architect
Liudmila Genova
Dream World’s Chief Architect