Perfect Entertainment to Match 7 Occasions
Perfect Entertainment to Match 7 Occasions
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As soon as there is some special occasion, no matter what it is, a wedding or a corporate award ceremony, you may start to think what kind of entertainment will suit the reception. 

There is nothing better of course than live acts. But with the great number of options it might be a tough task to pick something at once. We are happy to provide some hints to make your choice easier, because there are indeed acts that are just perfect for some occasions.

Wedding Reception 

Wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime.

This is why it is always great to have for wedding ceremony and reception something that fascinates people through ages. And what is more aeonian than music? It touches our hearts, it is amaranthine and ever-being…

When many years later you show your wedding pictures to your grandchildren, you will probably forget about the themed parties that were in fashion the year you got married, but you will still remember the romantic atmosphere created by a violinist or a harpist on your wedding. You, classy and elegant, and the music that suits the day that changes your life… 

Of course, not only classical music is good for the wedding. Towards evening you will inevitably want your guests to dance. And – again – live music is the perfect match. Just find a band who knows how to create the vibe and keep the guests’ energy up.

Birthday Parties 

The choice of entertainment for birthday sometimes depends on the age of the birthday celebrator. If the birthday boy/girl is a child, you can find some useful tips here. 

In other cases it might be a themed party: for example, back to the 80s/70s/90s, depending on the decade you prefer. Just imagine your venue decorated with neon lights, the band that plays 80s hit songs keeping everyone rocking out all night, and your guests arriving with big hair and day-glo outfits. And what if you chose different decades/periods for every year you celebrate your birthday? In this case it will be the day your guests will be looking forward to for the whole year.

Festival or Festival-themed Party 

People love festivals! They make us feel a part of something big, they offer the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, see many artists in one place. 

In case there are no local festival at your place, you can arrange a festival-themed party for your neighborhood. Everything you need is to chose what kind of roaming act/acts you want: opera dolls or circus themed masquerade roaming, time machine travelers, floral damas or anything else that suits the mood of your festival. 

As soon as you book them, you can enjoy the atmosphere being in the moment and getting everyone involved in the performance of the artists.

Corporate Award Ceremony 

If you are organising an event which celebrates a good year and if you aim to honor your employees, an award ceremony is something just perfect for the occasion. You can make the ceremony look like Oscar celebration. Just imagine: your guests walk up the red carpet, everyone is dressed up and dines as A-listers, there are «paparazzi» who take pictures of your employees looking like celebrities when they show up. And what if the awards will be presented by a real celebrity? Say, Johnny Depp or Emma Stone? 

Or maybe your party will be inspired by James Bond movies? In this case there is no one better than Daniel Craig to impress your audience. Get champagne and cocktails, hire a string quartet, create the day everyone will be talking years after. Your team deserve it!


When two people who love each other get engaged, they want the beautiful moment to be captured. They like to see the pictures taken on that day, they want to share the news with their friends, this is why installations work brilliantly for this occasion. Just choose the act that you like, invite a band to create the romantic atmosphere and enjoy!

Cocktail Party 

There is nothing that suits a sophisticated cocktail party better than a jazz band. They can play famous jazz pieces or jazz-styled covers of modern songs. Anyway jazz music and swing dancers will add a classy touch to your evening.

Graduation Party 

If you are planning a party with your friends from high school or university, you want it modern, and you want the night to be long, so that everyone was on the dance floor till the morning.

For this reason a band who plays hit after hit is the best choice. Technology shows are also a good option, since when you and your friends graduate, you want to feel that you can change the world, that you are living to contribute to a better future.

Thank you for reading! This little guide can be handy, but if you believe that you need something totally unique, we are always there to consult you. We at Breakthrough Exclusive believe that there should be no limits when it comes to entertainment and the fulfillment of dreams.