Perfect Birthday Party Must-Haves for Kids & Parents
Perfect Birthday Party Must-Haves for Kids & Parents
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Birthdays are made to celebrate a child getting older, reaching his or her milestones. Birthday parties can be (and should be!) a special childhood experience. In the blink of an eye your kid will grow older and will probably only want to celebrate with their friends. You want your event to be impeccable and most of all fun for you, for your guests and especially for your child.  

The rules for an adult get-together don’t apply to children's party. We checked in with guests, planners and event experts on the ultimate essentials for pulling off your perfect reunion. These are the golden rules when it comes to holding the very best festive bash. We have thought about everything: venue, food, beverages and entertainment. You just have to read!

Duration and Time of Day 

Some people schedule birthdays for the morning while others prefer afternoon or even evening. The most essential thing is to have your birthday boy or girl in good mood, so if your little guest of honor still takes naps during the day, plan the party before or after it, so that he would not get overtired.

The best tactics for a kid's birthday is to make young guests have fun without getting tired and overstimulated. 2-3 hours are usually enough for the kids to socialize without causing inconvenience for the hosts and the people invited. 

Do not forget to have first 1/2 hour for greeting the guests. Someone will be late because of traffic jams, child's nap or other things, so this way you will give them the opportunity to join the party. Schedule all special activities after that first 1/2 hour mark. 

There is also another idea that comes without determination of exact time, when you encourage your guests to drop in at their convenience and stay for cake from, say, 10 a.m. till 16 or 17 a.m. This is especially great for a big number of guests or first birthdays, where there are more adults than children.

The Venue

Thinking about the venue, keep in mind that, unlike for adult gatherings, smaller places are preferable. Why? Just because they make it more easy for the kids to socialize and for the parents to look after their child, still talking to another parent (which is usually not the case in a bigger venue). And you do not want your event to seem empty, you want it to be cozy and welcoming, right? 

If you prepare your party yourself, think of the option where you can deck out with your table decorations, balloons and presents to make the occasion extra memorable for the little guest of honours. 

In Dubai (and in some other places in the Middle East) there are actually lots of special places for birthday parties like Magic Planet, Kidzania, Ski Dubai (where guests can meet the penguins) and the Cheesecake Factory Dubai, where you can enjoy birthday-themed cheesecakes and book a large table to fit all the kiddies or opt for the private dining section.

Mind that some venues have too many strict rules about what you can bring in and so on. If you want someone to help you with those formalities or even the idea of making choices makes you tired, do not hesitate to consult professionals.


Everyone knows the power of live music and entertainment. It applies to events for the young too! If you are thinking what kind of entertainment to make the heart and soul of the party, look for ideas in our post here.

Entertainment is always cited as the most memorable aspect of your party. And for kids it matters perhaps even more than for adults.

Focus On the Things That Matter

A nice venue, activities to keep children entertained, tasty food:  this is really everything that you need to have a wonderful party! Do not forget to be in the moment with your kid and the people invited. Having an additional host or hostess can help you with that.

And do the preparations needed to document the day: invite a photographer and/or a videographer.


Any celebration can be ruined if the host or hostess is stressed out! Delegate any jobs that you don’t want to do or aren’t good at. When purchasing decorations, keep it in mind that everything looks great on Instagram and Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to replicate. If the idea you like is time-consuming to put up, hire someone to help.

Let Us Help

Every event we do is custom. We consult with you ahead of time to help you create the atmosphere you need. There aren’t any rules about what you can or can’t bring in…just limitless possibilities and the fulfillment of your dreams! We are looking forward to creating memories for you and your kid!