Hiring a Magician for an Event. How to Do it and Why?
Hiring a Magician for an Event. How to Do it and Why?
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What is a Magician? 

A magician is a person who performs tricks and illusions to make the audience believe the impossible is possible. The magic is not real, of course, but it does seem real! 

There are a few types of magicians. While some of them perform for intimate groups of 6-8 people, others are good for the stage and are able to entertain all of your guests at once. Another type of magicians is in fact a psychologist, who knows what there is on the people's minds. They call themselves mind-readers and are ideal to break the ice when the audience gather. 

This kind of performers are serious professionals, dedicating their entire lives to perfecting their craft. Magicians' mission is to make people believe that miracles do exist. They aim to bring happiness connecting others.

Why Hire a Magician? 

There are several reasons why booking a magician for an event is a good idea. Just to name a few: 

1) A magician can fill in the gaps. During celebrations there may occur moments when guests can be left unattended. It happens at weddings, when things go a bit quiet during photo sessions, at corporate events while people are gathering. Such lulls can feel dull and awkward. With a magician on hand the audience will be entertained all the time. 

2) This type of entertainment suits everyone, including children. We are all fascinated by the ever-changing concept of magic. 

3) Magicians can make people laugh. Laughter is something that makes people fell happy and relaxed. If you are not ready to invite a comedian yet, try a magician! They will leave your guests grinning from ear to ear.

4) Magicians connect people. Performing the tricks, they provide a talking point, promoting networking opportunities for the audience.

5) Suits for all types of events. Magicians are versatile! They can adapt to indoor and outdoor parties, big or small ones, corporate events and private gatherings, such as weddings and anniversaries.

6) Such acts make amazing memory. Magic is something that the guests will remember because they all stay involved. Just in case someone forgets how he or she was stunned, there will be photos as a proof with all sorts of reactions from explosions of laughter to faces that are wide-eyed and open-mouthed. People always seem joyful when watching such shows!

7) Magicians help to maintain the energy. No magic, pure physiology! Events can be long and serious, and as the day goes on, people start to feel tired. But if you’ve got a performer working his magic, the energy levels up!

How to Hire a Magician? 

So, you are now convinced you want a magician. What to consider when booking one? Here are some tips from us.  

1. Think About the Guest List

When selecting a performer, you should first think about the event you're hosting. Do you need a magician to perform at a corporate event or you are looking for someone to amaze children at a birthday party? The magicians differ very much in style, so you should better chose one taking into account what your audience might like.

2. Do Your Research

Sometimes you might need to check many sites before you find the right person. Read through their profiles to learn what they offer, have a look at their performance videos and video testimonials, check their rating and reviews. When looking at reviews, make sure they are related to the type of event you're hosting.

3. Contact the Performer

You might be interested to know the answers to all types of questions, from whether the magician is insured or not to what his experience is. If the event you are hosting is for children, make sure to find out if the magician knows how to entertain little guests more than 15 minutes. Ask him, what type of show you can expect, how many shows a year he performs, if he has ever missed a show, etc. You might also want to ask for traditional references.

4. Check what Space and Equipment the Magician Needs

Before making the choice, think of the necessary arrangements and preparations that may involve inviting a certain magician. While for most of them almost any venue is OK, for others having much space might be crucial.
Keep it in mind that most performers need an adequate changing room for them to store their equipment as well as to get changed. 
Most of them bring their own equipment but it is better to ask if they need anything.
As you can see, adding a touch of magic to your event is a good idea! Magic can provide networking opportunities and unforgettable experiences.

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