7 Benefits of Hiring a Comedian for Your Event
7 Benefits of Hiring a Comedian for Your Event
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When people choose entertainment for their event, sometimes they do not even consider a comedian because of the risks he comes with. Some people are afraid that a comedian might tell an offensive joke or just not be funny, others regard humor not appropriate for serious events, especially corporate ones.

However, this form of entertainment can offer extreme benefits. Keep on reading to learn what a comedian invited to an event does!

1.Increases Social Bonding

Laughter helps to connect people in a group even if they are complete strangers which makes it a good idea for team building. It helps to break the ice and feel more comfortable around others. Having a standup comedian at your event will more likely help to form professional connections as an outcome.

2.Creates a Memorable Event

Who will forget experiencing uproarious laughter while attending a company’s sales conference or a trade show? A comedian might offer that opportunity, creating a hilarious but business-appropriate atmosphere for the attendees.
Speaking about corporate events, they can be somewhat boring and forgettable. People start to browse through social media, playing games on their mobile phones or just looking at the speaker with their thoughts somewhere far away from the message he has.
However joke sessions will surely hold the attendees' attention because humor resonates with people, especially if they can laugh about themselves.

3.Reduces Stress

Scientists say that peals of laughter fires up and then cools down your stress response. As the result comes a good, relaxed feeling.
Humor is very subjective though. The worst-case scenario is that the audience feels uncomfortable instead. This risk may occur if the jokes are not tailor-made, but a good and experienced comedian knows how to navigate this minefield of making people laugh without producing offensive jokes. Professionals know that there is a very fine line between having fun with audience and belittling them, so they take care not to mock people but just make them laugh.

4.Simplifies Setup

Hiring a comedian requires minimal preparation. No decorations and costumes, and almost any venue suits such form of entertainment. All you need is probably a microphone and good lighting.

5.Boosts Physical and Mental Health

An old proverb says that «laughter is the best medicine». If you care about the attendees' health, you can make a contribution by arranging a show for them to respond with smiles, clapping and laughter.

There are short-term benefits of laughter, such as stimulating many organs and soothing tension, but also long-term benefits such as improving the immune system and relieving pain.

6.Helps to Have a Fresh Look at the Business

If you are thinking of hiring a comedian for a corporate event, you can be confident about it, because corporate comedy is not the same as a traditional nightclub standup.
A comedian performing for business can offer a safer and tamer experience which will still be hilarious. A good artist is not content to just make a generic standup act: he learns things about the company to tailor specific material that will make people laugh. As a result, companies get a curated performance which reflects some aspects of the business that can be noticed by an outsider. It can be very useful and will sure be something to talk about with colleagues afterwards.

7.Creates a Light-hearted Mood

Serious presentations made at company’s sales conference or an annual retreat are, of course, useful, but the attendees can feel tired after them. After sessions of funny stories they will feel rejuvenated and eager to continue the business part or to enjoy other types of entertainment.

As you can see, a rollicking laugh is worth the effort. It is not only a good idea for private events: «funny business» can also help serious business to get good results in short-term and long-term perspective.
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