10 Wedding Entertainment Mistakes: Don't Make Them!
10 Wedding Entertainment Mistakes: Don't Make Them!
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From not having a weather plan to choosing wrong decor, there are countless mistakes you can make throughout your big day. Most of them will go totally unnoticed by your guests. There is one area though that, if not duly taken care of, will suffer. It is wedding entertainment.

Entertainment sets the tone for the entire evening and, if something goes wrong with it, your guests could end up standing awkwardly around the perimeter of the venue wondering how to skip the rest of the evening instead of enjoying your wedding.

If you want your guests to admire your reception and to have them talking about it for months and years to come, work out the entertainment plan. Here is the list of 10 wedding entertainment mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1. Having Lulls

There is nothing that can make people feel more embarrassed than leaving them to sit in a clinical atmosphere of absolute silence, while some guests are arriving and taking their seats and others are already waiting for the ceremony to begin. A pianist, glass harp performers or an oud player for this time can get everyone in a cheerful mood while people are waiting for the bride and the groom to appear. 

Mistake 2. Not Considering the Kids

If kids are invited, make sure they feel part of the celebration too. You do not want the children to pull their parents from the reception saying that it is too boring and they want to go home. Magicians or sand-drawing, jumping show or paper art installations, kids love everything that is fun. Remember to include some kid-friendly songs in the set list so that the young could party on the dance floor. Save more adult-themed music for late evening when most kids have left.

Mistake 3. Thinking Your Entertainment Is Only For The Dancing Part of the Reception

The entertainment should start from the moment your first guest arrives to the ceremony area. It is simple: people want to be entertained, and at a wedding they expect to be entertained. It is not only live music to dance to at the end of the evening. It is everything that creates warm and welcoming atmosphere: a string quartet or some soft piano music in the background, some beautiful installations, a magician or a comedian acting for small groups of people.

During the whole day there are opportunities to include something that will make a big change and will elevate the level of your event. Some forms of entertainment are almost sublime, others are more noticeable, but all the details matter. They are the reason why your guests will leave the reception saying they had a great time, even if they never stepped on the dance floor.

Mistake 4. Having The Bar In A Different Area To The Band

If the bar is located in another room, your wedding guests can end crowding around the bar instead of partying on the dance floor.

Having the bar far from the music can kill the vibe and clear the dance floor before the party even gets started!

Mistake 5. Leaving It Too Late To Book Your Entertainment

Don't hang around, book your ideal wedding entertainment as soon as possible. Many couples know that the best acts in the Middle East are booked up fast. Sometimes more than a year before the event, sometimes even years before it!

Once you know the date of the wedding, if you have your favourite band, try to book them (you can consult professionals for booking).

Mistake 6. Serving Food During the Show 

Even if you've booked Julia Roberts, Billie Eilish or some spectable mega show for your wedding reception, if food were being served to your guests during their performance, the food would win by a large margin. Make sure to present eats and drinks between sets!

Mistake 7. Playing Music Too Loud

The guests still need to speak with each other, no matter whether they are dancing or not.

If the DJ or the band are too loud, the audience might be frustrated and can be driven away from the dance floor instead of enjoying the party. To avoid the mistake of too much volume, make sure there is enough time for the musicians to sound check.

Mistake 8. Not Prioritizing Guest Experience

Now this one is hard for us to write as we think that on your day everything should be the way you and your partner loves, but it is in fact more than just the two of you. Your relatives and friends have traveled from far and wide to be present. Not acknowledging it and not planning the reception with their overall experience in mind is a big mistake. Besides, we, people, are creatures for whom the opinion of others matter. We see ourselves with the eyes of our family and friends. And we care about what they say right after the wedding and even twenty years later!

It does not necessarily involve putting too much effort. Being thoughtful of the guest experience can mean little things — like a welcome amenity in hotel rooms or a nice day-after brunch with soft music as a way to say good-bye to those who leave the town.

Mistake 9. Not Having A Real Dance Floor

Many people measure the success of their wedding entertainment experience by looking at the dance floor. If it is packed, the party is great. If it is empty, the entertainment part failed. Well, we think that the dance floor is not the only marker of the overall wedding experience, but we want your party to rock and your dance floor to be a success.

Want to have everyone dancing all night long? Give your guests enough space to dance! It should be checked with the venue so that there were not just a bunch of tables and chairs set up in front the band. See how much space there will be left for the dance floor in advance of your reception.

Mistake 10. Not Hiring Professionals

Keeping to DIY strategy can cost you many nerve cells. If you want to control just everything on your big day, it is possible in theory, but then you will have no opportunity to relax and enjoy the day.

Professionals can manage everything, from choosing the right entertainment to creating something unique just for you, taking into account your priorities, your guests’ likes and dislikes.

We truly believe that every bride and groom deserve the best wedding entertainment. It is in fact the one thing that all the guests will remember. They will remember if it’s good and even more so if it’s bad. Avoid these common mistakes to make your day memorable and create the wedding of your dream!