The Giant Piano is the most accurate reproduction of the great piano, made famous by the unique Tom Hanks in the movie “Big”. The big piano is a unique show, perfect type of entertainment for the audience of big or small events, which could be outdoors or even into shopping malls to animate in an original and unique way making shopping. Perfectly suitable for public events, art festivals, private events.
Piano’s artists astonish the audience with outstanding musical performances. They dance on the big keys of the great piano showing their classical, pop and modern repertoire. A complex system of floor sensors operated by pression, joined to the mastery of the musicians and choreographs led to the birth of a one in a million show, able to cause interest and admiration in the public.  
The World's Biggest Piano is the most actual, modern and original formula of spectacle perfectly suitable for an all ages public entertainment. After the live performance, the duo invites audiences members to have a go on the interactive giant floor piano. Little kids through to big kids love having a go a foot piano and trying to learn some of the songs the duo played beforehand. 
This wonderful giant musical instrument is a brilliant interactive entertainment option that never fails to amaze audiences! 
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