The show presents a non-stop, whirling display of one-wheeled excitement with these athletes precariously perched on unicycles, some more than ten feet in the air! Audiences will be astounded at the troupe's agility and balance as they dribble, pass, shoot, and weave their way, with amazing skill and high-speed comedic antics, in the wackiest game of B-Ball ever played on unicycles! 
They exhibit skills ranging from slam-dunks, dribbling passing, jump rope to acrobatics and keep you on the edge of your seat with hilarious high-jinks and comedic antics. Their extraordinary riding ability and world-class skill never cease to excite audiences of all ages. 
“Every performance is different…Our routines are built on improvisation, and nobody – not even me – knows exactly what will happen next.” - that's what the group trainer says.
Get ready to be spellbound as this young group of basketball players ring the wackiest basketball game, as they dribble, alley-oop, double dunk and weave their way around a court with the ball all while balancing on a unicycle!
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