Top 9 entertainment trends in 2019

As more than half a year passed certain worldwide entertainment trends has become obvious and promised to increase their popularity. Of course, people strive to inset world-class entertainment into their private or corporate events to enrich them. They come to an entertainment agency to get the best of what the industry can offer. So, let’s discuss top acts, shows, and other activities that are especially hot this year.

Wedding entertainment trends

1. Celebrities to host the event. Hosting the wedding party is as old as the hills. However, inviting well-known personalities for this purpose adds an extra chic to the event. Besides, why not your wedding party be the party of your dream with your favorite actor or singer to host it?

2. Art shows to accompany the couple speech. As couple speeches become more popular, many brides and grooms think about coloring it with sand show or similar art activities. For example, sand art pieces, following the speech idea, may tell the story of couple’s relationship development. Another world's best entertainment trend here is glitter painting that creates a wonderful picture of the couple or fiancé during the speech to expose the result at its end.

3. Harp or piano playing for wedding wind downs. When the main party is over and it’s time for guests, a little tired but excited with the day, to depart, dull silence is not the way to say them goodbye. So, harp or piano playing is an excellent idea to escort guest departure.

Corporate entertainment trends

4. Combining original performance with ultraviolet technologies. While artist booking agencies still admit the popularity of stunt or art shows, technology-based corporate entertainment ideas are on the rise. Thus, LED-acts will immediately wow the audience. So do ultraviolet-light or 3D mapping dancers as they render in the dark.

5. Live and recorded music mixture. Combining trend leaked in the musical accompaniment of the corporate event as well. Companies invite DJs and saxophone or violin players to interweave their rendering and create a unique music experience. Mixing percussionists with recorded pop or rock hits is another innovative option companies apply to talent agencies for.

6. Drone shows as the comma of the event. Instead of firework at the end of the event, more and more companies prefer drone shows as an alternative. Hundreds of drones flying and glowing in the dark sky create a lot of exiting images and fascinate the audience. Giant brand label composed of drones could be one of the best closure ideas for a gala dinner.

Mall entertainment and theme park entertainment trends

7. Sport shows as wellness publicizing. Increasing wellness care trend penetrates all fields and businesses. Of course, it has its impact on the entertainment industry, including mall and theme park entertainment. For example, malls book BMX rider performance to increase sport and wellness awareness among their customers. Besides, as such shows are dynamic and spectacular, they always win the audience.

8. Back to the ethnos with cultural performances. Ethnic culture weeks are becoming very popular again. Therefore, cultural performances are in high demand, especially as mall entertainment. Here are some examples of popular options malls choose to interest their customers:

  • Korean Samgo-Mu or Chinese Performances,
  • Hawaiian Folk Dance,
  • Bollywood Dancers,
  • Tanoura Dancers,
  • African Gumboot.

9. Nighttime performances. Such performances are especially relevant for theme parks. To clarify, at nightfall these performances enable you to keep your customers a bit longer in the park offering them new emotions and experience. Why not explore such a golden opportunity in your theme park? Fire and pyro shows, shadow theatre, and LED acts are very different in their nature. However, all of them look impressive in the nighttime and immediately capture your audience’s attention.

To conclude, entertainment as an industry is constantly moving on, offering new ways to amuse the audience and add colors to your event. At Breakthrough, we strive to cope with every trend the industry faces. Besides, our talent agency is happy to tailor something unique according to your needs and targets.