Entertainment agency: what, how, where

What an entertainment agency is

Panem et circenses! – Bread and circuses! This is the motto of all time. Omitting the bread, it means people were always hungry for watching. To clarify, they were always eager for entertainment. So they are now. Besides, their hunger is constantly increasing. That’s where an entertainment agency steps in. So, what is an entertainment agency? It is a company that knows all facets of brilliant event, understands its main principles. At last, it has all means to tailor it. In other words, it is an expert in artist booking.

How an artist booking agency can be useful to you

Of course, each case is unique. It cannot be adjusted to general patterns and standardized. Therefore, there is a large variety of tools to choose and customize. Thus, you can make your event really distinguishing! Let’s highlight basic entertainment categories that help to create a special tinge:

Brand Partnerships

To start brand partnerships with great event is always a win-win marketing strategy. Let it be inviting an outstanding personality or most unique talents.


Events for the government are official and remarkable. Therefore, they should be carefully balanced and flawless. Cultural performance or instrumentalists could be the choice that suits the case.

Theme Parks

Theme Parks are just made for fun entertainment. Double this by organizing something special. Roaming musical parades, thousand drone or fire & pyro shows perfectly fit such open air events.

Shopping Malls

The role of entertainment in shopping mall is hard to overestimate. In other words, it is the best way to attract visitors. Flash mobs, giant or moving piano acts are always popular here.

Sport Championships

Opening and closing ceremonies are important parts of sport championships. The main principles here are to be spectacular and motivating. Drone or fire shows can help to achieve these effects.

Product Launches

Product launch is more successful when it is bright. Thus, you attract more attention to your product and build strong relationships with your target audience. You can back up this event with a little party or great performance.

Private Gatherings & more

Private parties are good way to celebrate a date or occasion. Enrich your celebration or any other event and make it unforgettable with one of world-famous personalities or stunning performances.

Chosen carefully, they create the desired atmosphere for the celebration, gathering, festival, or another event. For example, unique shows amaze your guests with the most unusual and innovative combinations. Stunt shows tickle their nerves with extreme. Circus acts will fascinate with skills of jugglers and acrobats. Dance shows will charm with grace, ease, and swiftness. Comedy acts will add fun to your event. Parades will paint it with bright colors. A last, Instrumentalists and cultural performances will present cultural pleasure and delight.

Most popular artists & shows


Upsidedown Show



Synchronized Water ballet



Thousand Drones Show



Vertical Show


Fire & Pyro Show


Japanese Taiko Drums



Korean Samgo-Mu



Roaming Musical Parades



Celebrities are standing apart from any other artists. To invite one of these well-known personalities to your event is to raise it to the upper level. Certainly, a celebrity can really enrich your event! However, the personality should match your entertainment concept as well as your audience. That is to say, we can also divide all celebrities into the categories:

  • Celebrity Actors & Actresses
  • Music, Sport, or Fashion Celebrities
  • Celebrity Comedians
  • Celebrity Speakers
  • Social Media Influencers

Their exact role may vary depending on the type, case, and personality. Still, there are a few mainstreams. Of course, one can be hardly expected to invite celebrity speaker or social media influencer to toast a wedding celebration. (Usually, this role is good for celebrity comedians and pop-music stars.) However, they fit some corporate events perfectly as they can inspire the audience and attract more attention.

Where to book world’s best entertainment

If you are looking for something unique and innovative, look no further than Breakthrough, an international artist booking agency in Dubai. Our team’s concept is to spread nationwide and far beyond. Thus, we can be of service to you even if you are in the opposite point on the globe. Moreover, we carefully select the best artists scattered all over the world and present you the most spectacular entertainment. Just look at the list of our top-rated products:

  • Upsidedown Show and Synchronized Water ballet
  • Japanese Taiko Drums and Korean Samgo-Mu
  • Thousand Drone Show and Blue Man Group
  • Vertical Show and Fire & Pyro Show
  • Roaming Musical Parades

We perfectly understand the great power the entertainment has in marketing strategies and private life. Therefore, we deliver the awesome solutions with long-lasting effect for each corporate or private event, no matter the scale. If you need to design a small mall celebration or full season theme park entertainment, we will be happy to assist you!

Benefits of working with us

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