Ondekoza Performance in Global Village
Global Village in Dubai is a place like no other. From London’s Big Ben to the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, visitors can take selfies against the romantic backdrop of the Taj Mahal or travel back in time to Ancient Egypt. This is the region’s first multi-cultural festival park that offers an adventure around the world. An extravaganza of sights, sounds and aromas from every part of the globe, making this entertainment destination a true feast for the senses.  

Speaking of sounds, have you ever heard of Taiko Drums? Taiko are a broad range of Japanese percussion instruments. In Japanese the term refers to any kind of drum, but outside Japan it is used to refer to various Japanese drums called wadaiko ("Japanese drums") and to the form of ensemble taiko drumming more specifically called kumi-daiko ("set of drums”).

Ondekoza, the worldwide known kumi-daiko group from Japan, was formed in 1969 under the direction of its founder, Den Tagayasu. In 1975, Ondekoza was the first taiko group to tour in the United States. Their first performance occurred just after the group finished running the Boston Marathon. Based on Den Tagayasu's principle of "running and drumming as one", running is a central part of the lifestyle of Ondekoza members.  

For 40-years long history Ondekoza completed all possible marathon tours all over the world including USA, China, Taiwan and Europe. This year Ondekoza was booked by Breakthrough to leave their footprints over Dubai's desert. World’s Best Theme Park Entertainment provider Breakthrough partnered with Global Village to bring the group to UAE and let the people discover the Great Japanese culture by witnessing cultural show performance of taiko art.

Officially booked by Breakthrough, the leading entertainment provider based in Dubai, the show was performed at main stage of Global Village - the world’s leading multicultural festival park and the region’s first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment. The same group performed for the Japanese Emperor at the 20th anniversary of the Emperor’s accession to the throne and stunned audience with amazing show including fire elements and of course the beat of 350kg ‘Odaiko’ drum.