As an agency engaged in providing corporate entertainment in Dubai, we have explored every detail regarding its effect on the company development. Thus, we can say corporate entertainment is something that really matters. Not just because it makes an event easy and remarkable, though this is also true. But, what is more important, because it helps to promote a business while achieving desired goals:

  • Tighten relationships with partners,
  • Create public awareness,
  • Nurture relationships with clients,
  • Reinforce the company’s image,
  • Inspire the staff and improve their morale
  • Create incentives for collaboration among co-workers.

The first bullet point speaks about partner loyalty you can achieve. Thus, corporate entertainment can enhance cooperation or win a contract. After all, top managers are just humans, whose feelings can affect their deeds! The next three bullet points enable you to boost your sales. To clarify, carefully chosen entertainment makes your guests happy. Thus, it widens the number of your customers and wins their loyalty for your brand. That is the reason why any shopping mall regularly organizes entertainment for their visitors. Yes, people love to have fun! The last two bullet points result in winning your personnel loyalty. In other words, organize good corporate event dedicated to your staff and you will get them understanding how much you appreciate them. Higher labor efficiency and lower costs due to greater coordination between departments as well as between co-workers are your harvest here. Well, everyone needs recognition of his merits; it makes him work his best!

How to choose the right corporate entertainment

Now, as you get all the importance of corporate entertainment for company development, you understand how essential it is to select entertainment that fits your corporate event. Therefore, let's speak about factors you need to consider when making your decision. Forget about or neglect them, and you may face a great failure of your corporate event. On a contrast, if you regard these factors, you will pick a music, act, show, or celebrity that is the right for your corporate event. Using our vast experience in providing entertainment for corporate events in Dubai, the UAE, and all over the world, we recommend you to evaluate following facets:

  • Budget,
  • Guest profile,
  • Type of the event,
  • Brand values to consider,
  • Venue size and location.

The budget is the cornerstone of everything. It filters out offers solely on the cost basis. Still, you need to remember the rule “you get what you pay for”. Entertainment industry is the best example of it.

Guest profile includes guests age, origin, tastes and preferences. All that outlines your guest preferences to appeal to. Hence, you can choose a performance that will generate their interest.

The type of event is also very important. Entertainment that is appropriate for Gala Dinners or Awards Ceremony may fail to match Brand launches or Stakeholder Conference.

Brand values create your company image. The corporate entertainment can improve it or deteriorate. So, you must go for entertainment that matches your brand values and communicates them to your audience.

Venue size and location predetermine your choice as well. To clarify, it is essential that venue meets performance requirements related to lighting, sound, and staging.

The most popular options

Stunt shows

One of the secrets of an unforgettable event is having a WOW-factor. Stunt Shows are ideally designed to impress your guests. They tickle your guest nerves. But, at the same moment, they appeal to the best human feelings of sympathy and admiration. Definitely, Stunt Shows will provide a long-lasting effect and win your guest hearts!

Art shows

Art inspires. Besides, people admire creativity and love a non-trivial approach. So, weave creativity into your event with an Art Show. For example, you can tell guests your corporate history with Sand Art. It would be sophisticated, interesting, and exceptional. Something to be remembered for a long time!

MCs&Music bands

MCs & Music bands are a MUST HAVE at any corporate event. No one wants to sit in dull silence. Moreover, silence creates tension. On the contrary, music helps your guests to relax and provides the perfect background for easy conversation.

Roaming acts

Roaming acts are distinguished by their ability to interact with guests. Walkabout characters are charming and friendly to anyone. Wandering around your venue, they will entertain your guests and provide brilliant photo opportunities.

Celebrity Hosts

Celebrity Host will definitely enrich your Gala Dinner or Awards Ceremony, Brand Launch or Stakeholder Conference. Big names for keynote speech are the best option as they add certain chic to your corporate event.

How to book corporate entertainment

Booking an artist for your corporate event is just a piece of a cake! All you have to do is to take following steps:

  • Decide on the date and venue,
  • Specify your target audience,
  • Contact Breakthrough to discuss the details,
  • Make your choice,
  • Sign a contract and pay a deposit,
  • Enjoy your corporate event.

Our experts are happy to assist you evaluating all possible factors and find the best artists for your corporate event!