As a demanded entertainment agency in Dubai, we strive not only to comply with each end every trend in the entertainment industry, but to hone every facet of entertainment we provide in order to make it even more chick and VIP-touched. At BREAKTHROUGH, we are always on a track and use modern technologies to enrich your entertainment experience. In other words, we provide unique and highly innovative entertainment to satisfy your every possible need.

So, let us present you top 3 ideas for innovative entertainment you can book in Dubai.

Drone shows

Definitely, drone shows deserve to top the list off all world’s best innovative entertainment in Dubai and all over the world! Have you ever seen dozens, hundreds of drones compounding various shapes and pictures that glimmer in the dark sky? Have you ever seen them acting on the stage as robotic artists and interacting with a human artist? If so, you will admit this is something really out of the box! And this is what BREAKTHROUGH can offer you instead of old-fashioned fireworks or less innovative performances:

  • Mega Drone Shows

  • Stage Drone Shows


Want to end your event with chick? With our mega drone show, you don’t need firework anymore to impress your guests! We can tailor the show according to your event, creating wonderful pictures and inscriptions that move and shift in the dark sky.

Want to make a proposal? Impress your partner with a big red heart elevating in the air and shifting to the «Will you marry me?» inscription just at glance!

Have an indoor event? Then, book our Stage Drone Shows. We guarantee, our drones are perfectly tamed and timed with our artists to create a magnificent effect of interaction between a human being and a technological creature. ‘Well, how do they do this?!’ you and your guests will cry in delight.


LED-styled entertainment

As an artist management company, we scatter all over the world to find only the most talented artists and their marvelous performances. Yes, we have tons of dances, shows, and other acts performed by the most talented and world-known artists. However, we go even further to enrich our performances and get extra wow-effect by adding a few innovative touches to it. Thus, we manage to break the standards and go beyond them. In other words, we offer really outstanding world-class entertainment.

For example, what if we offer you to watch our perfoemances in complete darkness? What if we suggest you to switch off all lights to get even more excitement? ‘Nonsense!’ you may exclaim in surprise; ‘We are not cats to see in the dark!’ Well, no doubt, you are not. But with modern LED technologies, we still can get you enjoyed even whilst our artists perform in complete darkness. Just look at the range of most popular LED-styled options we provide:

  • LED Jugglers

  • LED Acts

  • TRON Dancers


Amazingly, how nice these jugglers, dancers, and other artists shining in the dark! Now they are present and visible, and the next moment they disappear just to emerge in another corner of the stage. Is it magic? No, just a LED-technology at our disposal! A bit of trick here is LED elements inside or/and outside the accessories and inventory as well as specially designed costumes trimmed and incrusted with LED-elements.

Video mapped shows and performances

Projection is another powerful tool modern technologies provide to enhance and diversify entertainment options. Video mapping enables to create beautiful compositions of live art and augmented reality. For example, at BREAKTHROUGH, we offer the following entertainment ideas that include video mapping technology:

  • Vertical Shows With Video Mapping

  • Mapped Dances

  • Body Mapping

Lighting, projections, and, of course, the talent of our artists simply can’t leave you unaffected. Such a mixture will fascinate your imagination, intrigue, and make you wonder what the next is. But the next may be really unexpected! Let’s take, for example, Mapped Dances. Projections and lighting can conceal a dancer and make you gasp with surprise when he will pop out of a wall hole, as much real as unreal. And the next moment he will wrestle with mapped wild animals and fabulous monsters perfectly embedded into the reality of the dance. Definitely, every dance, show, or performance became much more spectacular when video mapping is integrated.

Thus, due to technology evolution, we are able to get extra wow-effect for classical entertainment types or create something really magnificent and innovative.