Why people visit theme parks? Of course, they are seeking adventure, emotions, and entertainment. To clarify, they want to have exceptional experience they can replay in their memories. That’s why attractions were designed. And that’s why you need to arrange an appropriate entertainment that includes:

However, arranging perfect entertainment in theme parks have its pitfalls. In this post, we will discuss 5 mistakes in arranging them park entertainment that ruins your visitors’ impression.

№ 1 Do not book entertainment at all

Definitely, not booking theme park entertainment at all is the worst decision.
First, your visitors need to have a rest. Of course, rides and other attractions are the purpose of their coming to theme parks. But could one swing, ride, and whirl all day around? To be honest, even the most passionate attraction-lovers need to have a break periodically. But even in their break, they want to be engaged. In other words, they need to have passive entertainment rather than just wander through the park aimlessly or get bored sitting on a bench.

Second, your visitors desire to witness something special and outstanding. That is to say, they want to watch vivid shows and emotionally strong performances. People always feel hungry with their watching and feeling experiences. Thus, you should feed their hunger with entertainment of exceptional quality and engagement.

№2 Do not book indoor entertainment for theme park activities

This is especially important for seasons when daily temperature rises too high, though at raining days it is of great importance as well. People need an opportunity to rest from the heat and sit comfortably in cool premise for a while. Besides, it is pleasant to enjoy indoor activity when it is raining outside as well.

If you arrange all shows and performances outdoor, you simply deprive them of such an opportunity. They may get overheated and too tired to be happy in your park. But their happiness is the key to your success.

№3 Tailor shows and performances being too long or too short

As it comes with any entertainment program, timing is of great importance. Too short performances can’t satisfy your visitors’ entertainment needs. Note, time may seem to run very fast when you are engaged in and passionate about something. So, five or ten minutes will just turn to one moment when you watch a really amazing performance.

On the other hand, too long performances also make no good for your visitors. First of all, do not forget a huge part of your theme park visitors are families with children. But many children, especially if they are of preschool age, simply can’t sit still or focus on one thing for a long time. Moreover, for most of your visitors visiting a theme park is not a casual way of amusement. Most of them have just one day to spend in your theme park. They desire to try as many attractions and other activities as they can. So, help them in their intentions by booking your theme park entertainment of an optimal timing. Generally, 20-30-minute shows or performances are enough to satisfy your guests but not make them bored or uneasy.

№4 Schedule all shows, parades and performances at wrong time

Choosing the wrong time for running entertainment events is almost as bad as not booking them at all. For example, if you schedule your entertainment program the way you run all shows, performances, and parades within a morning hours, you will have poor results:

  • Just a few guests at these events – after all, morning with its not-so-hot temperature is one of the best time to enjoy outdoor attractions
  • too much tired and not completely satisfied visitors during a day – after all, they visit your theme park to have fun, not to get tired,
  • Wasted budget – at last, why to spend money on booking entertainment that doesn’t benefit your visitors?
Thus, schedule an entertainment program for your theme park the way it considers your visitors’ behavior and needs.
The last thing to draw your attention here is the fact your visitors need to have an opportunity to change their activities for a whole day. Thus, instead of concentrating all shows, parades, and performances within a just a few hours, dissipate them for the daylight time and the nightfall as well.

№ 5 Concentrate all theme park entertainment in one zone

The last mistake that can ruin the impression of how your theme park entertainment lasts on your visitors is to have it just within one zone of your park. In this case, It would be too crowded in one zone and too empty in another one. As a result, you will get poor satisfaction from your visitors both in the zone you have concentrated your entertainment program and in zones you have neglected.

Don’t let the idea about improving the situation by arranging your next-day show and performances mislead you. Your next-day visitors are unlikely to be the same as your this-day ones. But, the results would be the same. So, allocate entertainment events all over the park and arrange for it in all park zones.

In conclusion, we would like to underline, if you really want entertainment make your visitors happy and delighted, consider their behavior patterns and adjust your program according to it.