How to Organise Anniversary Entertainment?
How to Organise Anniversary Entertainment?
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The theme of everlasting love is extremely inspiring. Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate devotion and adventures you have shared with your other half (or the ones that your parents shared, if you are throwing a party for them). Anniversary party for your partner or parents is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care.

But what kind of entertainment will match an anniversary, how to start the preparation? 

The key to choosing the right acts for your event is identifying what makes the celebrating couple personally unique. Consider their lifestyle, hobbies, favorite music artists, and interests. Whether they enjoy live art, are film enthusiasts, or are passionate about ballet performances, incorporating what matters most to the couple into your entertainment selection will create a seamless and memorable experience. 

The special celebrating couple must be, without doubt, front and centre in every aspect of your entertainment hire and event planning. Whether you are hiring sand artists picturing the husband and wife, or thinking about custom giveaways, any finer detail of the anniversary party event should reflect their likes. Think of booking their favourite celebrities, the music acts they may like, or cirque performances to wow them and the guests. 

If they are the kind of people who believe that humor is the thing essential for long-lasting marriage, think of hiring a comedian. Enjoy a night of light-hearted jokes and make sure the comedian incorporates relationship-themed jokes. 

You may want to choose a theme that reflects your relationship or a favorite era and plan the anniversary party around it. Whether it's a vintage theme, a tropical luau, or a glamorous black-tie affair, a themed party can add extra flair and excitement to your celebration. 

Hosting a themed party based on the year you got married (or began dating) can be an interesting experience for you and your friends. Choose the perfect venue and decorate it with things from the time period during which your relationship began.

Incorporate themed dishes and beverages, make the band play songs that were popular during the time, wear your best outfits of those years. Have you watched La belle époque movie (2019)? Use it as inspiration. Getting back to the old times can be a way to feel more passionate about your partner. 

While there are some things that differ depending on the chosen theme or the preferences of the couple, here is the list of musts to think of when getting ready for an anniversary.

1.Live Music

Hire a live band or a musician to serenade you and your partner (or your parents) with favorite songs. Whether it's a modern band, a jazz band, a harpist, or a tribute act, live music can set the perfect romantic mood for the anniversary celebration.

They say that people, who listen to the harp, live the longest. Isn’t this a reason enough for you to book a harpist for your spouse? (By the way, almost any music has curative power, so do not miss the chance to make yourself and your loved one healthier).


What event can do without party on the dance floor? As an anniversary is a celebration of long-lasting match, it is a good idea to kick-off the dancing part with a special dance of the couple.

Consider taking dance lessons and surprise your guests with a choreographed dance routine. Alternatively, hire a dance instructor to lead a fun dance class for all your guests to join in and celebrate with you on the dance floor.

3.Interactive Activities 

Plan some games or activities to keep guests entertained throughout the evening. From trivia games about the couple to a scavenger hunt or a karaoke session, there are plenty of ways to add a playful element to your anniversary celebration. 

If you are organizing a scavenger hunt, make sure to distribute items significant to your relationship, such as pictures, love letters or messages, gifts that you exchanged. All this can be done in one place (better if you select an outdoor venue), or you can even hide the items around your city — for example, in the places where you had your first date or where you got engaged. 

Another great way to add festive spirit to the celebration is to hire roaming acts to interact with your audience. Time machine travelers or tap dance street band, we have everything to create lasting memories. 

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth, planning the perfect celebration can feel a bit overwhelming. Looking for guidance on how to plan an anniversary party for your parents or beloved partner? Our experts are on hand to bring your vision to spectacular reality. 

Let your wedding anniversary be the day filled with fun, laughter, and love.