How to Make Proposal in a Way That You Will Get “Yes”?
How to Make Proposal in a Way That You Will Get “Yes”?
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10 ideas to propose in an unusual way

Making a proposal is a sensual experience even if you are sure that your partner loves you. It is also something that the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives. This is why if you are eager to get that yes, you should plan the proposal and think of the best ways to organize the big day.
Here are our 10 ideas that will lead to your loved one’s inevitable consent.

1. Recreate Your First Day

Sure you remember the day you both met or your first date. Or maybe you want to relive the best day that you had together. Anyway reminding your partner of the precious moments is a very romantic idea for a proposal. There is no need, of course, to repeat just everything. It is enough to include at least something from that day in your proposal.

 2. Prepare a Surprise Party

Plan a surprise party with your partner’s closest friends and family. The proposal can be made at the beginning of the party, when everyone walks in, at the end of it, or in the middle, say, while the music band plays.
Your proposal can be a surprise for everyone or just for your love, if you ask the guests to hold up signs that spell out “Will You Marry Me?”

3. Go to the Beach

Just imagine the two of you enjoying the whisper of the sea while walking on the sand… And then, all of a sudden you come to a beautiful sand or stone installation saying “Will You Marry Me?” Do not forget to bring a photographer to capture this special moment!

4. Propose by the Bonfire

Lighting a fire is very romantic. You can hire professionals who will produce a breathtaking performance for you or just go for an intimate evening by the fire on the beach or in the desert. The flames will help to warm you and create the atmosphere.

5. Create a Fairytale

If you want your proposal to be epic, get the best location, hire a florist and a decorator who will take care of candles and other things that will suit your partner’s taste. Make it the most beautiful day. Nothing speaks better of your love than care. If the installation includes your partner’s favorite flowers and things, it will be one more reason to feel confident with you.

6. Incorporate Music

There’s nothing more poetic than playing a special song for your partner or inviting her favourite band. Or maybe it will be the song/band that played when you first met/during your first date/when you first kissed?
You could even work the proposal into the song!

7. Go for Your Partner's Favorite Theme

If your partner is a fan of something particular (say, Barbie or Alice in Wonderland), find a way to incorporate that into the proposal. It can be made through reciting quotes, reenacting a scene or even a special show or a themed party.

8. Go on a Boat Ride

For those who love sailing hitting the open waters will be a pleasure. Do it only in case your partner have tried sailing! Otherwise it may turn not so picturesque.

9. Rent a Plane

Popping the question in the air is something unforgettable! Renting a plane is not an easy thing, but it's more than worth the effort.

7. Go for Your Partner's Favorite Theme

If you want something jaw-dropping for everyone to see, hire a skywriting company. It is a good way to speak about your love in a heartwarming and untraditional way.

Thinking of how to propose the first thing you should consider is the personality of your loved one. Sure, you know your partner best, but if you want the proposal to be impeccable and worry-free, find an agency that will take care of everything from logistics to sourcing vendors.

 Once you find a trustworthy co-creator of this huge moment, you can stay calm and just enjoy the time. Good luck to you!