How to Choose the Perfect Food Options for Your Event?
How to Choose the Perfect Food Options for Your Event?
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Remember the ancient saying that there are only two things that people actually desire, “bread and circuses”? Well, while “circuses” are something we usually write about, as far as “bread” is concerned, we can also give some advice on what to think of when choosing meals for an event. 

We are all humans who can not live without food. But our tastes differ! While some people prefer spicy items, others like something mild. There are those who agree to try almost everything and those who are very picky. Selecting the menu can sometimes require to juggle many competing needs but even though it is very challenging, it is extremely important because only if your guests are well-fed and are kept entertained, your party is a success.

Have a Look at the Guest List

Whenever you're hosting an event that requires catering, you need an accurate guest list. It is the thing that will help you to learn how much food you need to provide and to choose the right options.

Do not forget to count people who help you to host the party (musicians, photographers, etc.). It will be thoughtful and polite of you to serve meals for them too.

It is always better to have more food than you need rather than not enough.

Having a look at the guest list will also give you the idea of what food your audience will prefer. Consider the age, gender, and ethnic backgrounds of the people invited. For instance, mac and cheese will appeal to children while for older audience something classier is better.

In case you have attendees of different ages, it is essential to provide menu that responds to your range of guests.

Note Restrictions

Part of being a good host is making sure that you have food for people with dietary restrictions. 

When you ask guests to RSVP, have an area where they can write down any restrictions they may have, such as allergies or intolerances, religious dietary restrictions, veganism or vegetarianism. 

It does not mean that every item on the menu should suit people with restrictions, but it will be thoughtful to have at least some acceptable meal ready for them. 

If someone has allergy, make sure to tell people responsible for food about it. The last thing you want at your event is an allergic reaction of a guest.

Decide on the Type of Meals

There are different types of meals that are appropriate depending on the time of day. If you are having a morning event, brunch or breakfast foods will do. For afternoon and night events the menu could be more flexible. 

You can go either for buffet-style or for individual plated meals.

Buffet-style meals are good because people usually have different appetites: some individuals are not food enthusiasts while others are interested to try everything you serve. Just do not forget to label all the food with their corresponding dietary restrictions. Individual plates however are more classy.

Give the Guests the Opportunity to Choose

Offer several choices of food: at least three choices of entrée, three salad dressing options, two or three dessert options, and a full selection of condiments. You may stick to classic menu choices: meet, fish or vegetarian entrée; cake, pie and fresh fruit; beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks.

In case there is a choice, the guests feel more at ease and will sure find something they like.

Think of Snacks

For longer events it is better to have not only the main meal but also to serve snacks that could be available throughout the party: vegetables and fruits or some other things that are easy to grab and hold on a plate while walking from one place to another.

Avoid the food that can make a mess, such as sauces.

Consider the Beverages

Speaking about the drinks, number one thing is to make sure that water is always available.

For people who don't consume alcohol there should be also other beverages beyond water. There is a wide range of soft drinks that could be served, depending on the season, age of the attendees, etc. Note that having coffee and tea available throughout the event is always great. 

Discuss with a professional what ideal wine pairings for your food are. The food will taste even better if it is emphasized by the right wine.

Think of the Presentation of Food 

Presentation is as important as the taste. The aroma and creative plating will help to make the food appealing: it is a winning strategy, because if the guests enjoy the food, they are more likely to leave your party satisfied.

Food is of course something to talk to your caterers, but we hope that these hints could give you the idea of what should be taken into account.

Having the right food can be a make-or-break for your event. We hope this post will help to keep your guests happy.