Entertainment agency: how to chose
Entertainment agency: how to chose
Celebrity Booking

5 tips that will help you to find your ideal entertainment booking agency 

So, you are planning an exclusive event and need professionals to help you. How to find the best entertainment agency? Which one to pick? We’ve listed some tips to help you!

1. Go for a company with solid expertise 

Experience matters: professionals will more likely be able to perform smoothly and deliver in a way that your guests will like. But how can you differ a reliable agency from a mediocre one?

First of all, mind the length of business.

Entertainment agencies can come and go, and only if they have been working for several years on the market you can be sure that you can trust them. For example, Breakthrough Exclusive has been delivering bespoke entertainment since 2014, which proves that its team has enough experience to find the best entertainment solution for you.

The other way to assess the professionalism of the enterprise helping with the production of events is to check how many projects they have carried out. If an artist booking agency has successfully delivered over 500 projects, it is enough.

2.Check the scope of their services

If you need something exclusive, make sure that the agency can provide it. Search on their website whether they can create your event from the scratch, taking into account your unique ideas and views. If they can it is a big advantage: not all of them do.

It is also a plus if the Endeavour can book a celebrity for your event. Even if you are not thinking of inviting stars, consider it as a marker of their professionalism. If they can deal with celebrities, they are accustomed to perform at the highest level.

Keep it in mind that the majority of artist booking agencies only book the performers that you chose on your behalf. Once the contracts are signed, their job is done. It can be enough if it is exactly what you want, but in case you need something designed specially for you, with someone helping you with the whole production of your event, you should better find another option.

3. Look out for those who have high level of the clients’ trust 

Some people believe that the level of trust can not be measured, because it is something abstract, uncountable and subjective. 

Here is one thing though that can demonstrate the level of trust: repeat clients. 

The fact that the entertainment booking agency has returning customers speaks for itself. It means that the performance was a success and the guests liked it and also that the agency was able to understand and manage the client’s needs. 

With a big variety of entertainment agencies today, an unsatisfied customer will not return for more: he would go for another option. In Breakthrough Exclusive we are proud to be chosen over and over again by 95% of our clients. It is the case when level of trust is measured, and we have precise numbers as proof.

4. Prefer those agencies that are familiar with the local culture

If you are planning an event in the UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, it is extremely important that the entertainment agency that you book knows all the aspects of the culture. Otherwise it can lead to the embarrassment of the guests.

5. Check out what kind of clients go with the agency

Usually you can find the list of some clients on the agency's website. If you see that the company deals with HNW clients and has also performed for governmental projects, be sure that they will handle every project with due care. They are just used to high standards and are not able to deliver otherwise.

You can always ask for references if you need proof. 

It was the list of very desired trait of a trusted partner for events production.

If you chose the entertainment agency taking into account our tips, we are sure you will find a good one. 

Just so you know, Breakthrough Exclusive has all the desired traits of an ideal entertainment booking agency. Don’t take it on trust. Check it out! Please contact us for details and references.