Booking Music Act: All You Need to Know
Booking Music Act: All You Need to Know
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When it comes to any type of event, music is the right key to creating the perfect atmosphere. A good band or DJ entices guests to stay longer and to feel more relaxed and entertained.
Searching for a band online one can get stunned with the amount of options out there. But how to make the right choice, where to start, what questions to ask?

Booking music for the first (and even for the second) time can be a daunting challenge. We have put together a few hints and tips to help you. Mind them while booking and stay confident about the performance!


There is never «too early» if you consider booking music. Some popular bands are booked even two years in advance! Booking a few months before the event makes the choice more restricted. Miracles can happen though and sometimes you can find a good option even some days before the event, but we would not recommend the risk. So as soon as you know the date, start choosing.

Music Choices

Maybe you already know what type of act will suit you, but in case you need some hints, here is our list of options for your inspiration.

1. A Band

Live music creates unrivalled atmosphere that a recording simply can’t replicate! Depending on the musical genre, you may book a pop or a rock band, a folk acoustic band, a soul or a jazz band, etc.

2. A Music Celebrity

A celebrity act is something that your guests will remember many years after the event. Why not go for it?

3. A Tribute Act

If you have a favourite music performer who is not available, you can try to find someone to deliver a tribute act.

4. Music as a Breathtaking Show

Have you ever seen someone playing the piano in the clouds or singing in the air? In such acts stunning performance is combined with the beautiful sounds.

5. Classical Opulence

A pianist playing Chopin or a string quartet performing music created by Mozart will be appropriate for stylish and noble gatherings.

6. Opera

Treat your guests to opera singing! They will be astonished.

7. A Choir

Opt for a choir to impress your audience. It will be even more surprising if the singers pretend to be waiters (or other staff) before the performance. And then, all of a sudden, the magic will begin!

8. A DJ

Find a popular one or just a good one and make sure he knows your preferences. Hiring a DJ is a good opportunity for guests to make requests.

9. Karaoke DJ

A great option for everyone to get involved.

10. Roaming Band

A group of musicians who move around and mingle with your guests, creating mini-performances in different areas, can bring a new dimension to an event.

How to Tell a Good Performer From a Bad One?

If you want a quality act, look for professionals who are passionate about what they do, and who are ready to personalize their repertoire according to your request. They also need best equipment and experience in the type of event you hire them for.
It’s always better to listen to their live performance, but if it is not possible, have a look at the videos on their profile: the videos will give you an idea of how the band sounds and looks when they play.
All the options we have at Breakthrough Exclusive have been hand-picked and vetted by our experts so we can guarantee you are safe with the choice.

What Do I Need to Check Before I Hire Musicians?

There are a few things that you should better check with the venue before hiring a band, such as if there is enough space available for the band, when the curfew is and if there are any sound restrictions.

Questions you Need to Ask the Band Before Making the Choice

Here is a list of basic questions that you should ask musicians before opting for them: 

1. Is my date available?

There is no need for further discussion if not, right?

2. Tell about your experience.

Check how long the band/DJ/choir, etc. have been working professionally, how many events they’ve done and if they have performed at the type of events you need them for. Playing at an intimate wedding is not the same as on a governmental festival, so it is better to take everything into account. Musicians that are accustomed to parties know when to change up the tempo and what songs work to get people dancing.

3. Do you perform at more than one event a day?

If you do not want to end up with tired musicians who turn up late, you should better check whether your event will be the only one for them that day.

4. Can I listen to you before booking?

It is always better to see a musician in action: maybe they play at festivals in your area or in a local restaurant. However, watching YouTube recording is better than nothing.

5. What is your approach?

While some bands have a huge set list you can pick from and others are ready to learn a few new songs just for you, there is a number of musicians having a repertoire that can not be changed.
Make sure if they can make alterations in case you need them. For example, if you want a pianist to play a cover of a popular song, ask if it possible or they only play classic music.

6. Can we have a ‘Do Not Do This’ list?

Such a list can be very useful if there is something not acceptable in your area due to religious and cultural reasons or if you have personal preferences. For there not to be any nasty shocks on the night, tell the performers about everything from the repertoire to clothes that they should avoid.

7. Do you take breaks?

Learning how many breaks the band takes and when they happen helps you to arrange the schedule.
If you want to avoid stress so that all the issues were settled by someone who has enough experience, think of hiring an entertainment agency.

Why Should I Book Through an Agency?

From the moment you look into booking a show to the workout you’ll be navigating the language of promoters, sound techs, agents, event professionals, etc. If you want to avoid contacting all those people and diving into the unknown, find a reliable agency which knows how the music industry works. They can do the entire job and reduce the customer’s stress. 
At Breakthrough Exclusive, we’ve got more than 10 years of experience in managing and planning live entertainment. We make everything possible for you to be satisfied with your choice.
Our crew works tirelessly to make sure you have all the information to make the right decision.

Other reasons to book through an agency like Breakthrough Exclusive are in brief the following:
· your booking is safe and secure;
· the client gets access to a huge selection of the best musicians in the area. We can also provide celebrities and award-winning performers from a wide range of countries;
· whenever you need friendly support, we provide it at any stage of your booking.

Hope we’ve answered all the questions you may have in regards with booking musicians. If there is still something you need to know, then please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!