Behind the Scenes: One Day with Our Team
Behind the Scenes: One Day with Our Team
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Have you ever wondered how people in entertainment industry work? What do they do and whether their days are a life-long holiday? Today we uncover for you the real life of a representative from our team, sharing her frank impressions of what her job is about. From this post you will learn how she spends her ordinary day and what tasks she is usually facing.

Katerina Sharton is our project manager in Saudi Arabia. She is currently the one responsible from our side for the entertainment in Boulevard World park. As you may know, there is Riyadh Season from 1 November 2023 till 30 April 2024, which is one of the world’s largest entertainment events with countless exciting surprises.

With on-stage experience, a degree in economics and a professional background in management of events, including international ones, Kate’s blend of creative and organisational skills allows her to manage our crew in Saudi Arabia seamlessly and create good atmosphere within the team. At live events, Kate can often be found coordinating the artists on-site whilst simultaneously being in touch with the management of the park. 

The festivities of Riyadh Season capture the essence of Saudi, from its Najdi heritage to its present-day dynamism. The gathering features several zones, each offering something unique, from concerts to five-star dining and everything in between.

BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive is proud to be a part of this event, providing acts for such countries represented there as Italy, France, the USA and Egypt. Each country has its special performance and artists.

Kate arrives at the venue 6 days a week. Together with the team of performers they make their way on the bus from the compound to the park. As soon as they arrive, the team starts preparations for their entrances, doing make-up and putting on costumes for the shows. Kate is always there by their side ready to help if needed and checking whether everyone is on time, dressed up and ready to perform.

Kate's task is to have everything under control so that the performances were running smoothly and the visitors of the park enjoyed the show. As she is also the one making the schedule for the artists, any arrangements that need to be made in case of changes are also her job. They happen almost every day, so Kate is keeping her finger on the pulse to be able to make any necessary alterations, whatever they are. 

It happens that something needs to be changed about the concept of the shows. 

For example, before the opening of the Riyadh Season we have approved with the customer a roaming act that we called Shopping girls. Roaming acts is the kind of attraction that works very good to inspire people to come to certain places and linger there, interested in what is going on. During the work already, it was found out that the girls, who looked quite epatage caught people's eyes indeed, but the guests of the park were not always sure how to interact with the artists as some took them for visitors. For it to be clear that they are actors, it was decided to elaborate a special performance in addition to roaming. Within one day a new show was choreographed so that they could perform a dance and there was no chance left to mix them up with visitors. Even though dancing was not part of the concept at the beginning, we were glad to make changes in order for everyone to be happy.

It also happens sometimes that the format needs to be changed. For example, in addition to roaming acts the management of the park decided to use the stage that was empty, and the artists had to modify their shows for their acts to be spectacular and fascinating on the stage: new music was to be chosen, new performances to be prepared. We are always there to arrange everything so that our client is satisfied.

And, of course, we take into consideration cultural specifics of the region. As we are an international company with more than 10 years experience in the Middle East, we respect the cultural inheritance of Saudi Arabia, and for Ramadan we make changes to the performances: during the sacred month there is no music or dancing in the park, the performers are there ready to greet the visitors, people are welcome to make pictures with them, but the whole experience is tailored to be appropriate for Ramadan. Besides, for this month we change the schedule.

Kate is surfing from one country to the other (within the park, as you may have understood) to check whether everything is all right, to lift the spirits of the team, if needed, because for the shows to be a success the atmosphere within the team needs to be warm, welcoming and inspiring, as it influences the whole process.

Katerina is doing her best for the shows to be first-rate. Discipline and high quality are her standards, together with agility and flexibility.

Managing entertainment acts on-site is hard work indeed, but it is also something inspiring, as it has a sense of making people's lives brighter. BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive is a team of happy people willing to make others happier, too.