Behind the Scenes: Breakthrough Exclusive Being Part of Little Asia
Behind the Scenes: Breakthrough Exclusive Being Part of Little Asia
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Yet another formidable hurdle was the task of showcasing the profound richness of these diverse cultures in a way that would engender a fully immersive and captivating experience for attendees of all ages. To accomplish this, we emphatically immersed ourselves in a deep study of the cultural tapestry of the seven nations. As a result of this fervent pursuit of knowledge, we now perceive ourselves to be not solely maestros of entertainment production, but also veritable savants of cultural expertise. 

We wanted every country’s show to be special and breathtaking, and chose different forms of acts, providing the best performances that could give the idea of how beautiful the traditions of a certain place are. Thus, we thought that it could be great if China was represented by their circus known for its special traditional acts, such as hats jungling, diabolos, plate spinners, hulahup diving, etc. The locals loved this show. It made a big splash! 

In whole there were about 120 people from our side working at the project. The artists took numerous rehearsals, including those on site in order for everything to be just perfect. 

There were not just classic acts with people dancing and singing on the stage but also more immersive forms when people could get in the epicentre of the performance. Being in China circus zone, for instance, people could try their skills in jugling, kids could take part in Philippine games, everyone could see with their eyes representatives of different cultures and just say hi to them. 

Multicultural festivals are memorable for many reasons. They bring together arts, food, music and more from different cultures in one place to celebrate rich traditions through immersive experiences.

We are privileged to have been part of Little Asia, which took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from November 2023 till 3 February 2024.

Little Asia was a great way for locals and visitors to get acquainted with the traditions of East Asian countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

For Breakthrough Exclusive team, it proved to be yet another resoundingly triumphant and indubitably unforgettable endeavor. We are acclimated to executing projects within constricted timeframes, and Little Asia proved to be no exception.

Although the groundwork for this event had commenced a year prior, encompassing the conception of moodboards, contemplation of shows that would best epitomize the participating countries, and the meticulous selection of vendors, the most arduous labor was compressed into the three-week period leading up to the event. Each facet of the affair had to be meticulously orchestrated down to the minutest particular.

We were tasked with deliberating on the kind of performances (roaming acts) to showcase from each of the participating countries in Little Asia, fashioning elaborate costumes that would accentuate their cultural essence, assembling a troupe of 70 artists, readying them for their spectacles, and arranging their journey to Saudi Arabia. Amidst this ordeal, Breakthrough Exclusive team remained at the ready, accessible 24/7, poised to ably manage any predicaments that might arise.

Furthermore, in addition to contending with the exigencies of visa formalities and ticket procurement, the logistical conundrum of transporting the original costumes and stage properties loomed large. The sheer bulk of these articles was truly staggering; for instance, the costumes for the Philippines show alone weighed an astonishing 100 kilograms!

We had to design from scratch and make about 40 costumes, adopting them to Saudi Arabia special considerations, but still keeping their major elements. In order to make this happen we had to explore each country’s history of traditional costume and to make our research on folklore shows.

We were impressed to see that some countries brought for the show traditional costumes made in the 50th and 60th last century! With marvelous embroidery, all handcrafted, such clothing was like museum pieces.

Traditional Asian acts are famous for elaborate clothing with a lot of detailed artistic designs. Such costumes are a piece of art. For instance, this clothing was inspired by the beautiful flower of hibiscus. Looking at the sketches and the implementation, we can just admire the level of the artists and the designers. Incredible and stunning!

We are proud to have worked with the most famous and most professional Asian artists as well as with the most talented designers. 

The festival grounds were graced by the esteemed ambassadors hailing from the nations proudly represented in Little Asia. Captivating performances were curated to coincide with their visits. For instance, on the day dedicated to commemorating Thailand's rich heritage, a resplendent grand parade transpired, featuring celebrated Thai actors.

We hope that Little Asia could show how beautiful Asia is as well as to lift the spirits of people from Saudi Arabia and its visitors.

We are grateful to everyone who helped to make this happen. Throughout this captivating odyssey, none of our triumphs could have come to fruition without the unwavering support and dedication of those who labored passionately to manifest this grand experience. 

In a world where people are sometimes kept apart by their differences, Little Asia proudly upholds a heritage of cultural diversity that unites people instead of separating them.