7 Entertainment Trends for 2024
7 Entertainment Trends for 2024
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As 2023 grinds to an end, it is time for everyone to sum up the results of the year and, what is more important, to see beyond. If you are planning an event in 2024, you should better know the trends for the upcoming year. 

By keeping your finger on the pulse, you can unlock new opportunities for innovation and success in your endeavors.

Today we will explore 7 trends that everyone who is having an event in 2024 should know.

1. Interactive and Immersive Entertainment

The experience must be totally engaging. We are spoilt with entertainment nowadays, having everything that one can only imagine.

This is why immersive experience is on the rise in popularity. Whether it is stage performance or historical site tour with VR technology to recreate historical settings, it should enable the visitors to explore all that is happening as if they are a part of it. The more you involve the guests the better.

For instance, in case of a theatrical performance producers may allow viewers to have a say in the storyline, for tours or roaming acts AI can offer realistic environments and characters.

Event professionals can also use gamification in order to capture and maintain attendees’ attention. A quiz or a leaderboard showcasing participants’ progress is a great way to keep the people involved. 

By offering rewards, event organizers can motivate attendees to engage with the event more actively. Prizes do not only add an element of anticipation but also create memorable moments that will be associated with the occasion.

2. Technology

Cutting-edge technologies shape the industry. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are dominating in the entertainment industry: they allow users to explore new realms.

Wearable technology, such as glasses and watches, can be part of entertainment, too.

Artificial intelligence is starting to play a bigger role at events in 2024. AI is getting smarter and being integrated in more and more ways.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability is a global priority across various industries. As entertainment companies recognize the importance of integrating eco-friendly practices, they choose to reduce carbon footprint and to minimize waste generation during events by implementing recycling programs. They also encourage attendees to use reusable items and opt for digital alternatives whenever possible.

When it comes to decorations, signage, and promotional items, the  professionals to whom sustainability matters opt for eco-friendly and recyclable materials, which reduces environmental impact and sends a positive message to attendees. Prioritizing locally sourced and seasonal food items, utilizing renewable energy sources is also a must  for those entertainment agencies who want to be «greener».

4. Fully Onsite Entertainment

In-person events are the most popular again. While for private events it has always been like this, some corporate events during and after COVID-19 were digital. There were concerts of music bands, interviews with celebrity speakers and other kinds of entertainment that attendees of a conference, a gala, etc. could enjoy online. Of course, such form can not compete with face-to-face interactions and the tangible experiences they provide. Even though virtual reality and other technology findings can elevate the experience, they can not surpass the real pleasure of interpersonal communication.

5. Impact on the Attendees

It’s no longer enough to simply communicate information about your business or to entertain. If it is just for some minutes/hours, it doesn't count. What does is if it has some added value: people need meaningful, transformative experiences.

You need to create such an experience that will stay with the guests long after they were part of it. It should be a legacy in a way that when people think back on their time at your event, they will probably not recall specific moments and details – the sights, sounds, and smells of the day – but having consumed all that they would feel that they see things a little bit different, that something has changed in their life perception.

The desire for a transformational experience means that looking for outstanding entertainment with a message that corresponds to yours should be the biggest priority.

6. Cycle of Events

In the past it was common for all leading businesses to have one yearly conference or event. Instead of yearly conference now come cycle meetings held several times a year, sometimes once a month. It can be an option especially if the topic they bring may continue for years to come, blurring the line between one event and the next.

Speaking about private celebrations, there also can be numerous celebrations instead of one, especially if the host wants «repeats». For example, when a bride feels something was not as she wanted at the wedding or just wants to enjoy the moment again, she can organize another wedding reception (yes, with the same groom). Some people do it every year!

7. Entertainment as a Form of PR

Events have become a form of mass communication and a good newsworthy occurrence. The number of people that showed up at an event as well as the type of entertainment can be the proof of the host's status.

Inviting A-list celebrities and award-winning performers is the way to show your level.  

Speaking about business owners, they have understood that entertainment for their clients is not about providing leisure. It is about really reaching out to them with the key messages that their business has. Through gamification and other means of entertainment the business can effectively facilitate knowledge transfer and contribute to the good image of the company: the attendees are more likely to remember the information when they are actively involved and invested in the experience.

The future of entertainment holds exciting possibilities as technology continues to advance and attendee expectations evolve. However, no matter what the trends are, uniqueness stays the most essential thing.

We hope that our insights were valuable and that our ideas will enhance your events ensuring engaging experience for all involved. Please contact us for first-class performances.