17 Tips to Start Your New Year Off Right
17 Tips to Start Your New Year Off Right
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New Year is the best time for all types of resolutions. We are full of energy and determination to take a turn for the better, to set new goals and to open up new horizons.

If we want to wrap up 2024 cheerfully, having noticed that our world has changed and became a better one, we should start new year off right, because what we are tomorrow depends on what we chose for today.

Whether you have already done your resolutions’ list or not, our tips can make a difference in your day-to-day life and have a positive impact on you.

The tips are divided into 3 categories: 1) you (body, mind and soul); 2) your business; 3) your network.


We are all mind, body, and soul. If we pay attention only to body, but neglect the mind or the soul, we are not likely to live a full life.
This is why it is important to include activities dedicated to all the aspects of our lives into your schedule.

While some of the bullet points may seem unimportant at first thought, you could probably find them relevant if you give them a chance. Resolutions are not only worth pursuing if they are grand, daring and life-changing: sometimes we just need little things to make a big change.

For Your Body

1. Schedule All Doctor and Dentist Appointments for the Year

There may be some health issues that we consider not urgent and we never find a minute to schedule an appointment, so it is easier to just schedule all the appointments for the year ahead if possible so that we know that our health is taken care of.

2. Take a Dance or Fitness Class

Schedule classes that you enjoy to cheer your mind and body! They will surely return the favor.

3. Savor Your Sleep

More meaningful and restful sleep will help you to stay focused and energized throughout the year. There is one simple thing that is essential if your sleep is nowhere near the ideal: try to stick to the circadian rhythm. It will do most of the job.

For Your Mind

4. Try a New Thing Every Month

Everyone knows about the importance of new neural connections that appear when we do something in a way that is new to us. If we want to succeed, we should try something that seems extraordinary for us as of today.
It does not mean that if we want better results in business, we should only try something new in the sphere. Sometimes we just need the inspiration and change of mindset that happens when we let ourselves be open to new experience.

So, strive to get out of your comfort zone at least once a week. What can it be? It doesn't matter that much. Learning a new language or skydiving, seeing shadow theatre or getting inside a bubble, sending a handwritten letter or just changing the road we take to the office and eating with the «wrong» hand.

5. Balance Work and Play

Experts say that goals are achieved not by those who just deliver, but by those who work hard and find time for rest and change of occupation. It may go unnoticed but having some time just for yourself will allow you to be happier and make others happier in the end.
Schedule time on your calendar where you just do something pleasant or even do nothing.
While work is your strong point, we are always here to help you play.

6. Practice Gratitude

If we take a life inventory and make a list of things which we are grateful for, we will see how amazing our life is already. Noticing all the little things that make us smile will make a huge change in our life perception. Sharpening our senses will make us feel better.
It is always a good idea to list 10 things we are grateful for every evening before going to bed.

7. Write a Goal List

You can make a 100 life-goal list, including everything that comes to your mind, and then write down your top 10-12 goals for this year. It will help to focus if you post them somewhere you can often see them.

For Your Soul

8. Do Random Acts of Kindness

Even if we decide to be kind and gentle, we may fail as soon as someone steps on our foot. It is not so terrible. We can deliberately do acts of kindness in order to bring happiness to other people’s lives. Doing something like volunteering, donating to charity or even saying a compliment or helping an old woman cross the road without expecting anything in return creates good not only for others, but also for us.

9. Increase Your Thoughts Awareness

What leaves your mouth matters: it is something that reflects your personality, your thoughts, your worries, your relationship with others.
If you want to become more mindful, try to record everything you say from time to time. You can even go through a challenge of recording your voice an hour each day for at least a month. Words have power! Does your power correspond to your vision? If yes, congratulations! If no, look for solutions and possibilities. Holding yourself to a higher standard in your choice of language is the key to bettering yourself.


10. Schedule a Regular Date With Your Spouse

The atmosphere in a family depends on our relationship with the partner. A good way to find time to share thoughts and to bring back romance is scheduling appointments with your spouse. A dance night out, theatre or sailing on a boat - everything that you both like counts.

11. Schedule Family Time

Set up a schedule that is devoted only to your family.
If we are passionate about what we do, we work so much that sometimes there is not much time left for the family. However, most people regret not giving enough attention to the nearest and dearest when they look back at their lives. So why not prevent all these regrets?
Playing a game with kids or reading aloud, going to get ice cream or teaching them to paint, just hanging out listening to your spouse and children – here are just some of the ideas.
It is also great to schedule some time to have a chat with your mom, brothers and sisters on the phone or to meet in person, whatever is possible.

12. Sign up for a Birthday Reminder Service

It's a simple tiny thing but sometimes we forget to keep in touch with our relatives or friends. Congratulations on a birthday despite the fact that the person does not have his or her birthday on Facebook says «you matter to me».
Sometimes saying hi on a birthday is the only way to reconnect with old friends and distant relatives. Do not miss the chance! And, of course, use other days to catch up.

13. Create Environment for Your Success

Try to communicate more with those people who believe in you, who sincerely like you and after chat with whom you feel optimistic and motivated.
We are all influenced — negatively and positively — by things and people around us. So try to eliminate negative influence and to encourage being surrounded by people and things that help you to succeed.


14. Increase Productivity

Prioritize your work using the Pareto principle: focus on the 20% of work that generates 80% of the revenue.

15. Say “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”

When we say “no” to a business or social project, invitation or event, we are also saying “no” to new opportunities. Seek occasions to meet people, gather new ideas, connect and share.

16. Take Daily Steps Toward Achieving Your Long-term Vision

Being tremendously busy with everyday routine we sometimes forget what we are doing that for. Instead of walking all the time along the road, it is better to climb a tree in order to check whether the road is the right one. Your long-time happiness depends on daily choices. Spending some minutes a day thinking of your vision will make a big difference!

17. Build Value Every Day

People do business with people they trust and with those who make them feel special. Try to reach out from time to time to your perspective or current customers to make them feel you are there by their side. Some businessmen even create a schedule to contact every day to a number of clients (say, 3 or 5). It should not be about asking for order, it is about helping the clients with something to build trust in your relationship: sending an article, inviting to a special event, connecting them with other businessmen you know for an opportunity, helping them to fulfill their dreams. If you make fulfilling your clients' dreams your priority, you do not only get profit, you are making the world a better place.