10 wedding entertainment ideas
10 wedding entertainment ideas
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Fun things to do at a wedding reception besides dancing


Coming up with the ideas of fun wedding reception activities can be challenging, especially if you are having VIP guests.
What to book for both kinds of people from your family and friends: for those who love to party on the dance floor and for those who prefer something more low-key?
We have made a list of exquisite wedding entertainment activities that will allow you to create a standout experience for you and your attendees. 


1. Water ballet

Beautiful water ballet is an excellent wedding entertainment idea. Above-water or underwater show, mermaid show and more with elements of Olympic Synchronized swimming choreography will surely astonish everyone who sees it! It is both fascinating and prestigious. The atmosphere of water ballet is one that cannot be matched by any other type of entertainment.

2. Living statues

If you need fun wedding reception ideas for outdoor activities, go for street performers, such as, for example, living statues. Set them loose during your guests' walk in the garden before the official part of the reception starts to get the audience in the party mood. Roman living statues, angels and fairies, royal families and living statue DJ: there are a lot of teams in the league.

3. Retro bike 

Seeing something extraordinary is a great way to get everyone cheerful. We bet you and your guests have never seen a retro bike! So why not invite this unrivaled show to your party?

4. Cirque acts 

If you want your VIP guests to watch something special, invite aerial violinist or piano aerialist to perform in a high-traffic area, such as the hall close to the entrance of the venue or the bar where everyone go to take their drinks. Acrobatics from award winning performers can be a very elegant way to demonstrate the high level of your reception.

5. Technology show 

Do you want your wedding to look like something from the future? Your family and friends will be astonished seeing a three-meter robot who will push confetti on the bride and groom. Or maybe your distinguished audience will enjoy exquisite laser symphony theatre? Stage drone show or robot titan, LED balloons show or robot arm violin: both children and grown-ups will be impressed.

6. Celebrity 

If you want to elevate the status of your event, think of inviting a celebrity. Your favorite actress or band expressing congratulations on your wedding day, what could be better?

7. Comedian 

Get your guests laughing by hiring a comedian! This is a great way to break the ice at the wedding reception if the people invited feel a little bit awkward because they do not know the each other. A world-class performer will contribute to the excellence of your event.

8. Magician 

Magic can be a perfect choice for a multicultural wedding, because people of all convictions and nationalities enjoy seeing the impossible with their own eyes. Add a touch of magic to your wedding by booking a magician! It is fascinating and fun.

9. Live music 

For those who love to party inviting a music band is a must. Dancing is usually the essential element of the wedding, but who said that apart from the classic disco we can not shake up the party with a choreographed dance routine from the bride and groom or karaoke in alliance with your favorite singer? Something unexpected can really kick off the spinning part of your reception if the guests hesitate to dance once the disco starts. 

10. Installations 

If your circle of friends prefer to watch rather than to dance, they’ll most definitely appreciate beautiful and stunning installations. Paper art or floral installations, book fairy, stone art or water swing are all wonderful spectacles to behold.