Almas is an Emirati singer, one of three handpicked artists who were chosen to sing "This is our time" - the Official Theme Song of Expo 2020 Dubai.
Almas said: “I’m so proud to be Emirati and play a role in a moment that will be forever part of my country’s history. The song is an embodiment of hope and the belief that collaboration will yield a better future for all.”

She started her career at the age of 15 years old, and before she knew it she was performing with established singers like Fayez Al Saeed on the single called "Allah ma yirdaha".
Almas was named Spotify’s Best Female Talent in the Middle East, Her song ‘Shousaawi Bih’ has exceeded 29 million views on YouTube till date.  She blends Arabic and English with different musical genres from rock and roll to hip hop, Khaleeji and others.

BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive is an international celebrity booking agency, to book Almas for your celebration contact us at booking@breakthroughdxb.com

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How much is it to book Almas? arrow-red

Celebrity booking fees are derived from many aspects, including current popularity, career stage along with the demand at the moment of inquiry. Breakthrough Xclusive will only discuss your offer with Almas's management once we receive your formal offer with the event budget and engagement specifications.

What else do I need to budget for apart from the Almas’s booking fee? arrow-red

Travel and Hospitality expenses form an integral part of booking a Celebrity, these costs include but are not limited to first class flights, 5 star hotel bookings, limousine services, private catering, etc. Its also important to note that certain Celebrities travel with their Family, Management and Production team.

What are the payment terms to book Almas? arrow-red

If you event is less than 6 months ahead, 100% upfront payment will apply upon contract signing.
If you event is more than 6 months ahead, payment can be done in installments upon contract signing.

Will Almas be interested to appear at my event? arrow-red

A formal offer will need to be signed between your organization and BREAKTHROUGH Xclusive first, before presenting the offer to Almas. The acceptance of the offer solely lies within the discretion of the Celebrity as they receive multiple requests on a daily basis from all over the world. If your budget does not factor that in, they may pursue an alternate invitation instead. We do not personally speak for Almas, but in our experience rejections are usually the outcome of insufficient funding.

What assurance do I have that Almas will appear as scheduled? arrow-red

All final Almas’s booking agreements are solidified by binding legal contracts, lawyers from all parties are involved in the signing of every contract.