UAE’s only 80’s Retro Act – Neon Heroes

We met up with Singer George Le Bon – Lead vocalist and Band Leader of the mighty ‘Neon Heroes’ UAE’s only 80’s Retro Act. He does strike a close resemblance to local entertainer Stuee Kennedy….


  • How did the Neon Heroes come together?

We all love the music – and thats fundamental in what brought us together – we totally adore the music we play – its a labor of love and no one else does it the way we do. You can hear it in our performances – we strive to sound exactly like the original, which can drive our keys man Adam crazy cos he has hours of programming to do to get the sound right! Most of us grew up in the 80’s and its the soundtrack to our lives….. seeing the looks on peoples faces when we pull out a Depeche Mode classic gives us a thrill.


  • Who is in the band and what do they bring to the table?

Its a proper collective, a mix of everything 80’s – our Soul Boy drummer Duncan Donuts – representing a mix of Madness, The Specials, and the 1980’s Ska bands, our bass perfectionist Pete King who’s a hybrid of Bros, Level 42 and Haircut 100, our Sax man Clark Crockett – straight out of Miami Vice and any New Romantic band you care to name (his Rio sax solo really is one to hear), our amazing Adam Ant inspired axeman Kelly Prince – who’s favourite artist was Prince (I think that’s where he borrowed his name from), our keys wizard Boy Burgess, a cross of all those crazy keyboard artists from Gary Newman to Howard Jones, who gives us those proper 80’s sounds with his aforementioned programming, our fab Madonna-ish Hayley Ciccone who can belt out the ballads and the uptempo classics for the ladies to join in with and of course me, George Le Bon – the ultimate 80’s frontman – I’m Simon Le Bon’s more talented, better looking cousin (clearly) and I need the world to hear how proper 80’s music should sound – happy to sing Spandau, Duran and Wham and just as glad to belt out The Jam, The Clash, The Specials, and everything in between.


  • Whats the story behind the name neon heroes?

We are warriors bringing back the best of the 80’s to the people – either that or we just thought it sounded cool…… actually we were gonna be called the Neon Warriors but decided on Heroes cos we want to inspire the crowds to do good through the power of 80’s music.


  • Who are the Top 3 Influences?

Duran Duran played a big part in us getting together – as i mentioned Simon Le Bon is my less talented cousin, I’d thought it would be good to show him how to do it properly – and it seems to have worked as his crew are doing ok ….. George Michael was one of my favourites but it really would be wrong to only list 3 when theres so many that inspire us. In a typical band meeting there are 100 tunes thrown up for us to perform – and we need to trim it down to the ones we love the most – sometimes its like having to choose your favourite child – impossible! But we try our best to be democratic, and in the end I get what I want……;)


  • What can the readers expect from a Neon Heroes gig?

High energy fun and fabulous tunes ranging from Wham! to Duran, Spandau to Madonna, Bowie to Bad Manners and all in between – if its an 80’s classic – we got it covered! We want to play the songs that you love to sing along to and always encourage audience participation – sometimes it’s such a stonker of a song they just take over and sing it for us!


  • Being a retro act what do you think of modern music?

What do you mean retro? We are music – anything before Jan 1st 1980 and after Dec 31st 1989 doesn’t exist! I’ve heard some noise on the wireless….. I had to put my walkman back on – turned up to 10! We actually had to turn down some performances because people wanted us to do some 70’s music too….. I’d never heard such nonsense in my life! We are 80’s and 80’s only – we aren’t a cover band – we are an act – we’ll happily open for other 80’s bands when they tour and come to play Dubai – as long as they don’t feel threatened by us….(Duran Duran wouldn’t like it cos we’re better – true story my cousin is very jealous).


  • When and where can we see you play next?

Currently we’re only doing corporate events but always on the look out for a decent public gig – we’d love to play the Irish Village or the Rugby 7’s – thats our kind of crowd! Media City gigs would work or any festival or event with a stage big enough for 7 Heroes to run around on!


  • If Neon Heroes was a retro movie action star who would it be and why?

We would surely be Chuck Norris infused with the A-Team and a pinch of the Hoff…. why? Because we kick butt and we look good doing it!
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