This kid is going places – Sway Bhatia

BreakTHrough chats with Sway Bhatia – this Dubai born 9 year old has accomplished more than most of us would have in a life time. We caught up with her via email after she her recent stint on the Jimmy Fallon Show.


  • How would you compare the New York Arts scene to the one in Dubai ?I think that in New York you always have more choices for dance school because if I wanted to go to only ballet classes there would be a dance school just for ballet classes. In Dubai there are also a lot of dance school choices but if I wanted to do Bollywood I would find a school that would also have other kinds of dance classes going on.
  • As stand up comedian where do you get your inspiration from ?As a stand up comedian I think I got my inspiration from 2 people, my dad and Aziz Ansari. My dad inspired me because back then when I was living in Dubai my dad always used to tell me funny jokes, take in weird voices or even act like a funny comedian. Aziz Ansari inspired me because when I was shooting Masters of None he was always being funny and cracking me up.
  • How cool is it to be part of the school of rock music school band and was drums your first instrument of choice?Drums was not my first choice as I love Singing more but my Dad encouraged me to take it up when I was just 4 and I have never looked back. l do love Rocking to the Drums on Stage now…I feel so much power jamming and being a part of School of Rock in NJ has become like family to me.  We have changing band members every 4 months but we all get along so well and have amazing teachers.
  • What was it like being on the Jimmy Fallon show ?Jimmy Fallon show is always fun.  I have been on the show 2 times and each time we  had to act like really wild kids on set…The first time I was on it, my friends and I got to meet Michael Strahan.
  • What’s it like being a fashion model and how did that happen?I have been doing modeling since the age of 4.  I have done catwalk in various cities that include Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and New York.
  •  Tell us about your upcoming acting projects?Upcoming projects are ongoing both from My team that runs my Image Branding of Sway Bhatia as well as my Manager.  we have worked on short films that should come out this year and I have 2 of my own projects ( one dance and one vocal that should be out soon as well).  My comedy training is weekly but next showcase will be in a few months.
  • How do you balance being an artist and student?The hardest thing is to be able to accept change and not plan too far ahead.  In terms of homework, I do it mostly in the car as my lessons, audition, and rehearsals can run for several hours on any given day.  Playdates, outings and school events all are hard to juggle in but we make time when possible.
  • Who is you biggest influence ?My mom is because she really understands what I need to be able to improve my skills even if this industry is not part of her background.  She does find a way to manage out each day and figure out how to find the right formula that will move me to the next level professionally.
  • What advise would you give to a kid your age who wants to get into the arts ?My advice is to do what your heart desires.  My passion has always been to be on stage or in front of a camera.  It is very important to never let the outcome be the reason why you are performing.  I have rejections on projects almost every few days but I have been taught that with each door that closed another will open. To pursue the Arts on a professional level vs Hobby are two different things.  ‘Like any other profession, you must be able to make huge sacrifices to purse it in the long run.
  • When was that breakthrough point in your career when you realised that’s what you want to do and there is no turning back?I was 3 years old and had my first major live dance performance in Dubai at shoppfiesta and I was able to perform with Priyanka Chopra.  I had already had been taking classes so the experience was just a calling for me to become trained to become the ultimate Performer.