Dubai’s newest supergroup – Creative Culture

BreakTHrough chats with Creative Culture – Dubai’s newest supergroup about how they got their sound and whats their favorite pizza.


  • Who is in the band and what do they bring to the table ?

Hey! The name of our band is Creative Culture. Each member brings a different energy and a unique musical perspective because we all have different backgrounds. Samvel Gasparyan is the band’s music director. He plays keys and always keeps the groove. Dima Tsoy is the band’s guitarist. He loves to rock out on stage! Anthony Muthurajah is the band’s bassist. He’s the cool cat in the band. Peco X is the band’s drummer. He is also the band’s comedian. Jae Franklin is the band’s vocalist. She hits some of the highest notes you’ll ever hear and keeps the audience locked in.


  • How would you describe your sound to someone who has not heard Creative Culture before ?

Creative Culture’s sound is a mix of soul, funk and progressive rhythm and blues. Imagine a dynamic mix of Earth, Wind & Fire and The Robert Glasper Experiment – You have Creative Culture.


  • What makes you stand out from other Dubai bands ?

Creative Culture likes to create a very positive environment and musical experience. We have a non-stop show with minimal breaks in between songs. It’ll sound like you’re listening to the coolest radio station with no interruptions. We perform a wide range of music that you don’t normally hear in this country. Expect to hear anything from “That’s the Way of the World” by Earth Wind & Fire to “Cherish the Day” by Robert Glasper to “Funkin’ for Jamaica” by Tom Browne and even “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder. During our shows, you will even hear original music like a bouncy song called “Creator’s Hands” by our very own Jae Franklin. Not many bands in Dubai are performing their own material. We like to arrange music in a way that keeps the groove going. Our goal is to not just have fun onstage, but to also have the audience up on their feet dancing. Our energy is distinctive as well. We have one segment in our show where we freestyle and create a song on-the-spot. One of us will start a groove and we all fall in while Jae makes up a song. It’s really fun for the audience. We like to get them involved. By the end of our show we really come to know our audience and it feels like one big family reunion.


  • What are the collective influences of the band and do you fight over the setlist ?

We never fight over the set list, but sometimes we make changes based on the crowd’s energy. Our influences are Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Robert Glasper Experiment, and so many more. We all have individual influences and that helps us build our show repertoire.


  • Tell us one of your craziest gig stories.

It wasn’t what happened at the gig. It was what happened in route to the gig. One of our craziest gig stories was just a few weeks ago. We played the Dubai Boat Festival. We were also double booked this particular day with the festival gig and our regular Friday night Blue Bar gig. After the festival gig ended, we had to break down our equipment and get from the Dubai Marina area to World Trade Center area in under 30 minutes. We packed up pretty fast and split up. Dima and Anthony left first. Jae, Peco and Sam left shortly after that. Jae, Peco and Sam were walking about 15 minutes outside the festival looking for an available taxi. They were having no luck. Suddenly Jae spotted Dima and Anthony passing by in a taxi van. She started waving and yelling. Peco and Sam did the same. Luckily, Anthony and Dima saw Jae, Peco, and Sam began running towards their taxi van. As the taxi van neared the end of the street, it stopped completely. Jae, Peco, and Sam all piled their bags and equipment into the taxi van and squeezed into the taxi van. Space was limited. There were nothing but jokes and laughs on the way to the Blue Bar gig. We got there just in time to set up. We were extremely tired too. Believe it or not, that was our best Blue Bar show to date. Maybe we should try to be double booked more often?


  • What is your biggest ambition as a band?

Our biggest ambition as a band is to travel the world playing festivals, conferences and workshops. We would also like to partner with reputable music brands.


  • If you could add any musician in the world to your band – who would it be and why?

The musician we would add to the band would be Herbie Hancock. His music is timeless and I’m sure we could all learn so much from him.


  • If creative culture was a pizza , what kind would be in it and why ?

Creative Culture would be a Hawaiian Pizza because it’s unique, tasty, flavourful, and sweet. People say our music is flavourful, our musicality is unique, our energy is tasty, and Jae is sweet!


  • Where can we see you perform nowadays?

We perform regularly at Blue Bar in Novotel at World Trade Center from 10pm – 1am. Come and see us. Bring your song requests and good energy too.


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