City’s favourite party band – Behold The Locus

Being a world hub for great talent in all areas, year to year UAE attracts amazing artists from all over the world. This time we bringing you a city’s favourite party band – Behold The Locus (aka BTL).


  • You’ve been on the scene for over 10 years – what keeps you going?

Fabian: Determination! when Behold The Locus started out we were the only band playing mainstream rock originals, the scene was mostly Death Metal and Hard Rock. It took a while for people to take us seriously but as soon as a demo version of our first track  ‘Supergirl’ was played on the radio people sat up and took notice of us. Looking back at our humble beginnings we are honoured to be listed as one of ‘the Top 11 bands in UAE you need to listen too now’ by Lebanon based digital platform Stepfeed and our Debut EP was among the Top 10 Best selling local rock albums as reported by Virgin Megastores.

  • You’ve been telling us forever that you’ll be releasing your second album – what happened?

Fabian: We started recording our second album ‘Amplifier’ in 2012 and everything was going great but all of a sudden members started to leave due to jobs cuts, work pressures, marriages and the final blow came when our producer packed up and left UAE so we spent months looking for the right Studio/Producer to continue this album, we finally found one and and are working to have it released in 2016. We’re very proud of what we’ve done with the album and can’t wait to have it released in stores.

  • You call yourself a revolving door – how does it feel?

Alistair: The tag of ‘revolving door’ has given us the opportunity of playing with people with varied musical tastes and talent. It’s made Behold The Locus sound different, but not losing its essence – The Music. No complaints!

  • Who is in the band now and where can we see you perform next?

Carl: Me on Vocals, Fabian on Guitars, Alistair on Bass and our awesome new drummer Lyle,  We’ll be rocking at the music room supporting Flying Ipis on their debut Dubai gig on May 20th, come check us out!

  • As a seasoned band what advice would you give to currently growing Dubai scene?

Alistair: Keep working hard at your craft; it’s not an easy industry. To quote AC/DC: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll”.

  • If Behold The Locus was a movie – what would it be?

Lyle: It would definitely be Space Jam since there are a lot of similarities. Awesome cast (awesome people in the band), lots of memorable moments and just a guaranteed good time all around.


Find out more about the band on their YouTube channel  and FB page